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DropBox: free tool you should install

I finally installed the free DropBox tool.

DropBox is a little tool which sits on your computer (Mac, Windows, Linux, Iphone, iPad, Android and with which you can create a local directory on your machine that syncs with the dropbox server.

So what?

It means that:
– your data is safe in that folder (you get up to 8 GB for free), very secure
– your data is versioned, so if you screw up and want an older version you can get that older version, so its also a versioning system.

You can also Share folders in your dropbox, so:

– you can share certain directories with specific friends
– share photos, urls, music, movies and whatever other data for free
– you don’t need the carry around that usb stick anymore to share files
– use this instead of finding workarounds for sending gigantic mails.

You can also install Dropbox on multiple computers / pda /phones so that you always have that exact folder available on any machine. Super handy for e.g. … bookmarks or any other files you otherwise carry around with a usb stick. I use it now for todo files, some important documents, my urls and some truecrypted files. I feel much safer now.

And those are just the basic ideas. Around the world people have written zillions of cool ideas how to use it e.g. to remotely control your homecomputer by placing script commands in it and so on.

And if you develop: yes there is even an API.

Did I need the space? No I have terabytes of data available online. Did I look the easyness of it? yes. And besides that … it’s free.

So… download it and try it and you will probably get some more ideas on what to do with it.

I will write some additional blogposts on it further on to explain on more cool things todo with it e.g. also nice ofcourse for all the portable apps.