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I bought a new phone recently and on it was some navigation software from Sunavi. Actually, I do not expect to use it much, but then again… It looks nice but unfortunately the only maps that were installed were  “British”, “France”, “Italy”, “Portugal” and “Spain” and obviously I live in the Netherlands.

After some searching I first tried the main home page of the supplier of the GPS Software, ““, but it looked a bit disappointing. There are more spelling mistakes on this website than I have ever seen before and although the main website promises access to all downloads for free once you register for the forums… the download area is empty and the forum contains 11 postings of people looking for a map…


So that got me even more interested :)

When I look on the storage media itself I find the folder \SunaviMapData\MAPS and in it  are (1) the maps (.DB files), (2) Signature files containing some kind of hashed key and (3) “” + excel file that is probably used to to generate the file.


Editing the MultiMap.Tab file is not much of a problem, I can just uncomment the #OPTION for the Netherlands :


The DB file for the Netherlands I could find via a forum I found on the Internet: but… I don’t know if these match my version of the software.

But… now I still need the NETHERLANDS_HUAJING-CHINA.SIG file to make it work and that is a bit of a problem: how do I get the signature file?

Let’s mail Sunavi first before I start creating sig files.

update 1:

I got the following reply from the mailserver of the company :


Hi. This is the qmail-send program at

I’m afraid I wasn’t able to deliver your message to the following addresses.
This is a permanent error; I’ve given up. Sorry it didn’t work out.
Recipient’s mailbox is full, message returned to sender. (#5.2.2)

Google Glasses


During Google IO, Sergey Brin gave a demonstration of the much buzzed Google’s Project Glass. His friend JT jumped out of an airplane  and the audience could follow the sky via Google+. The glasses contain a touchpad, a microphone, small speakers a gyroscope, accelerometers and a compass.

It will be available for € 1500 early next year.

It’s amazing how Google again has “the coolest thing around”. In a year or two I can go to the zoo with my kids and stream everything live on my Google+ account meetup so my family can join us. While I look around, I will see via layers information about all the animals and  a gps map of the zoo. While I walk around I hear in my headphone various family and friends talking and I can see their faces on my glasses, I can talk back to them while being there. While walking I have a little screen where I can watch the show I missed that day before. When I look around I see above the heads of people their social network stream and profile. I suddenly see someone who is fan of Keith Laumer and decide to send him an invite first, I then talk to him. Great to have instant meet-ups. 

The next day I drive to a new work location and I realize that I never used the build-in gps before, I now see the road and the directions projected in my glasses including traffic information and layers of information via the TomTom app for GG. in the bottom right I scroll through the news of that day after which I switch to the streaming news update. When I enter the building  I see a summary of the people that are in there including their distance in my social network. I don´t need to ask directions, the glasses guide my to the place that was sent to me in my mail. While I scroll to my mail and read the meeting summary I see the Linkin profiles of the people in the meeting. And while walking I see someone who also works at my company, above his head it shows he knows some colleagues of mine also so I say hi to him (I always forget names so I can not even live anymore without these glasses). When I enter the meeting coffee is already ready because it picked up my preferences from my coffee meeting app. On my left eye a powerpoint presentation is shown. while I have a calculator in the bottom right (yes, all transparant 30%). A cool new app I downloaded in my glasses is called “cold-reading-app”, the basic version recognizes 10 basic emotions of people but the pro version even shows you advanced information on people’s wishes while it uses some intelligence to mix it with information from their social network. So when I have to react to a question the app shows me 10 choices of answers, 5 funny and 5 serious. It also shows the answer it expects  from that person and the reaction which I will give after that. Pretty handy, could not live without it. I pose the joke and the app calculated it right: it matched with the situation and baselined with all the people present.

I leave and a skype message for GG pops up. It is my kid, he saw that the meeting was over from my shared agenda, so he decided to call me, I can see that he is in a football match, so I coach him while he is running on the field (extra durable GG glasses). I bought him the football pro app, which display lines in front of him and calculates, based on the stats of other players, the best route to score a point (I spend months developing smart algorithms for the team).

On the GG lifehacker app I read that Apple and Samsung are planning to release some new glasses with integrated projectors. That seems cool, so you can then project a window what you see on any surface, Much like having a TV we used to have back then, more than a year ago. I arrive at home and see my dungeon (I bought the dungeon template for $40 for the augmented pro app). Some orcs attack me, so I draw my sword and slay them and enter my dungeon. My house now knows I am at home and turns on all devices.

My wife is reading a e-book and watching a movie on the left lens. I turn on the layers for wild nights app and she turns on hers.

What a great day (and night)

Bought: the Akai ACVDS935T Car MultiMedia system

imageMore or less in an impulse moment I bought (for the kids) at the MediaMarkt in Utrecht the Akai 9 inch ACVDS93ST Portable DVD player set for about 157 Euro (2 Screens, 29 games, game controller, remote control and input for usb, SD, MMC, MS, MP3, WMA, 2 headphones, etc…).

9 inch – There were loads of 7 inch screens (buckets full of discounted offers) but I thought these were a little small for the kids so the salesman advised me the 9 inch, really good images and sound. In general you will find 7, 8 or 9 inch screens in different formats in this class.

games – I really wanted some games for my son, I have not even looked which games but they are included.

The missing thing was a poweradapter (for “non car use) but for 30 euro incl. sending costs Akai also sells a power adapter so you can use it outside the car (the leaflet is included) but since I have a bucket of power adapters at home it probably will work with one of them (100-240V ~ 9,5V adapter ( AAD120)).

Setup is fairly simple as well as using the menu (remember the default password is 1369). In some reviews it says that the straps easily come loose but I have not noticed this. It comes with a plastic carrying case so I can put the stuff there after a trip, also handy.



The manual that is included is pretty clear, it contains the instructions in various languages (also downloadable from the AKAI site).

So…. what if… I would have looked on the Internet first to do some research (as usual) THEN probably I would have ordered a set from China Vision. Basically because most of them are straps free and just deliver the set inside the leather headrests. Then again, that makes it more to carry along. Some of these also play NES and SNES games instead of build-in games so that makes the amount of games to play A LOT. E.g. This one: (so you can cover them up when you leave the car).

However. I am delighted with this set. Very sharp images and simple to use. If you are looking for a set this is a good one for a good price.

A power monitor that twitters your energy usage


from Inhabitat

Ladyada has developed this widget for the greener gadgets competition. From that competition here are some more I liked:

image image image
The RITI printer uses coffee or tea dregs. The user places the coffee or tea dregs into the ink case located on the top of the printer, then insert a piece of paper in the middle. Moving the ink case left and right will print your image, and as you draw on the paper, dregs inscript on the paper just like ink. The sun provides us with energy every day. How can we use it directly for indoor applications? Blight is an optimal indoor lighting solution that is able to replace current lamps without any need of electric supply. With Blight we have not produced a new object; we have just created the design of an everlasting product: the Venetian blind. We use all the current functions of this object and add a little technology to give it a new function – to catch solar energy and convert it into electricity.

(I would buy it)

Mizutei (Japanese for water and air) is a concept that synthesizes the natural chemical reaction (photosynthesis) found in plants, where carbon dioxide is converted into oxygen. Based on the humble folding fan design, water held in a vial is permeated through the ribs of the fan which is then transmitted to a synthesized chlorophyll material. When in use, the opened fan collects sunlight upon its surface and reacts with the carbon dioxide in the air and water from the fan to generate oxygen.

(and the laundry pot is also a great one for students).

Auditory Illusions : Holophonic Sound: WOW!

Everyone: head to 404 Creative Blog’s posting on Holophonic Sound.

The examples you can listen to (with your headset) are absolutely stunning!

You should absolutely try the virtual haircut, it’s a superb example of 3d sounds.

(although it has been up since 2007 it’s the first time I heard it)

Okay… this is way cool…  so I headed to wikipedia to find out more. Unfortunately there is not much info.

WHY are not all new recordings made in Holophonic recording style? Why are we still using “stereo”? Where can I buy Holophonic CD’s?

With normal songs you just “listen to the music”, with Holophonic music I imagine a singer coming up to me and whisper something in my right ear, just for me, whereafter a violin spindles around my head!

That’s it! Andre Rieu, please make me a Holophonic cd!