Blendoku–Humanae edition

I was thinking …. :

image1. I read about the project Humanae, the project of photographer Anglica Dass to use Pantone colorcoding to photograph every human color in the world. (see also TedX:



image2. I installed the game “Blendoku” for my kids: they liked it … It involves putting colors in the right order with increasing blending difficulties. It is one of the most downloaded games of the moment, so I guess you have seen it.



Now what if you would combine (1) project Humanae and (2) Blendoku ? You would get a game in which you re-order put human colors in the right blending order. Although it would have a negative undertone…. it also has a positive undertone.

Probably with some more thought, this could turn out to be an interesting game.

Madagascar Racing


For € 20 I bought Madagascar Racing for Maarten, since many games I have are either scary or a little bit too difficult at this age.

It’s a really fun racing game with several scenario’s and I like it that we can race against each other.

If you look for a nice game for the kids, this game is definitely worth it.

Tip: powersliding through turns and making tricks while in the air gives you turbo boost points which makes you go a lot faster!



List of achievements:

Watching E3 2010 DEMOS

Via the Facebook group of DC Universe I read that its coming in November.

So the question is …. shall I buy a new PC or shall I buy a PS3?

Maybe its time to start socializing already on

E3 VIdeo Channel on YouTube:

Hey… some extremely nice stuff on E3:

… X Box 360 : Natal is going to called “kinect” and all call of duty items will be exclusive FIRST on XBox360.

… watching metal gear solid from Konami on E3 wow!

… watching Gears of War 4 DEMO … wow!

… watching unbelievable Guitar Hero demo demonstration (Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock)

… watching another demo of the kinect sensor, looks pretty cool I’m glad that I have an Xbox 360 sitting here. Zune…. yeah… but I live in Europe …. But the control with Voice and Gestures is way cool. This is like “Star Trek” : “X-Box stop” and the thing stops. “Xbox play music” and the thing begins playing.  Pretty slick and pretty simple.

… watching video kinect , also pretty cool, you can video call someone with just gestures, watch movies together and the thing followes you around the room so you no longer have to walk though a webcam and change the direction. This look SO simple that this would pretty cool. I can imagine watching my wife calling me by just saying “xbox call edward” and she sees me on the tv.

… ESPN has made an exclusive deal with XBOX 360: 3500 live events available (WK?)

… Natal /Kinect is probably the big message… hmm… I want video lessons Kung Fu by Bruce Lee… Kinectimals demo … looks great for my son. Looks really cool. So … I need to buy Kinectimals first.

… Kinect Sports also look amazing… bye bye Wii. Kinect Racing also look cool enough to buy, a fun race game which is hopefully easier. Kinect Adventures look really funny: Wii alike dudging and jumping

… HAWX 2 from ubisoft look nice, did not know that game actually, Long ago I played some air fight games that I really liked. Awesome details on the ground, you see ships sinking, detailed cities on the ground ,etc…

… Dance Central for Kinect. ……………. ok ….. this is now my #1 game that I’m going to buy. This will big fun in our household. Guitar Hero was big fun but dancing really takes away any border.

… lots of more reviews to read here:

… hey…. a NEW Xbox 360 with a new 250 GB disk + wifi. and…. it is shipping… today … so I can pick it up .and the complete audience  gets one FREE …. must be fun to make such an announcement

… demo of new Fallout Las Vegas…  I did not even finish the current one… must first finish that one before I can start this one :) … funny, the guards in a casino tool all weapons. Actually… fallout is one of the reasons I want to buy a new tv…\

… a demo for the new Legend of Zelda was bit difficult with some interference , well I dont have a wii and I never played Zelda, but I saw quite some movies of it.

… and a demo of DC Universe… well… I cant wait for that one.

… disney epic mickey is another game that would be great for my kids, its exclusive for wii, so maybe i should just go out and buy a wii , then again most anyone has one so… they can play at … e.g. their grandparents :)

… Sony brings Killzone 3 in the year that 3D is coming to each household. nice.

Little Wheel : Superb Little Game


If you want 15 minutes "escape", you should go and play "Little Wheel". A nice little "robot adventure" that has great music and awesome animation, created by OneClickDog.

Just because it will probably only take you 15 minutes to complete… you should really sit back and enjoy the experience while playing.

It won the MTV 2009 best game awards for BEST browser game back in December.

Monopoly City Streets: I bought the Vrijthof in Maastricht: Andre Rieu : u can buy it :)


Monopoly City Streets is a online game which lets you play a Monopoly kind of game on the REAL world map. It is a cooperation between Hasbro and Google (I can’t wait for RiskCityStreets) (yes that is mine now gnagnagnagniffel).It uses both Google Maps and OpenStreetMap and the content is  under the CC-Attribution-Share-Alike license.

image It was to be expected. The worldwide buzz around this Google maps game that promises to be the best thing ever happened in life …was down, reload, down, reload, down but… at 20:56 … I made it! In the meanwhile in the blog of the game there was a poll to vote for a complete reset of all scores because of the downtime, about 99,99% users voted for it.

So… why does this game make such an impact?

the playing map – Well… because a playing map of ALL streets in the world using Google Maps. Wow… we can actually conquer the real world!

buy every house on the planet – Users get 3 million dollars when starting and can buy actual stuff for it: houses, skyscrapers, stadiums, you name it. The price of a building of course depends on the location of the building AND the length of the street (a longer street contains more houses).

pay rent like in real life – Each day users pay a rent for the houses they bought e.g. 50.000 dollar for a house and 100 million dollar for a skyscraper.

sell, trade or negotiate – yes you can sell and trade your stuff with other players which provides the option for an actual mortgage bases virtual world economy!

cards – you can also gain chance cards that lets you randomly sabotage other players or give you the option to build bonus buildings such as parks, schools, water towers etc…

It opens with the screen above where after it led me choose between languages and… even Dutch was in the language list so that is really superb. Next…. we wait again…. (reload… reload … reload) (in the meanwhile I scroll to Antarctica to set a personal goal to conquer it.


Buying your first street – It starts out by giving you the chance to search for a street to buy. You can do this in the welcome screen or by searching for a street. Obviously I tried the Kalverstreet in Amsterdam first, in the dutch monopoly game the most expensive street.

Registration - Only after you have selected your street you are prompted to register for the game, again I took a fancy name “internet”, which, very cool, was not reserved yet.

Buying more streets – You can now buy more stuff by simply selecting the “buy streets” option and buy more stuff.You then get a map of the streets in the neighbourhood of your street, the ones in purple are available for buying and the ones in blue are owned by other players. The interesting thing here is that you can offer on streets that you do not own.


imageAs you can see above the complete neighborhood of the Kalverstraat was ALREADY sold….and that in just a few hours while noone could login….but on the right you see in purple the streets that were still open. So, this … is too much… I’m heading back to Maastricht…

Then… each time an error occurred, I had to press like 10 times but could not get through, whatever I tried I got not get past the error, probably  the site is still to busy and Amsterdam is simply in the cache.

But then….


image I OWN THE VRIJTHOF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(see YOUTUBE or WIKIPEDIA if you dont know the square)


AGAIN: I OWN THE VRIJTHOF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So… lets put stuff on it:



Hey… and suddenly a chance card pops up: it lets me build a stadium!



So… Let’s continue buying some streets since I still have 2.3 million dollars left :) Maastricht: you are MINE gnagnagnagniffel.


I hope I gave you a nice little first impression of the game. I will leave off with the most expensive set of buildings you can buy in the game and the rent they make. I wonder If I EVER will make enough money to buy myself a monopoly tower! It makes more than 1.000.000 in rent a day, which makes me wonder if I can best focus on buying streets or best focus on generating money.


image p.s. I now own the Vrijthof, the Markt, the Bredestraat, the Grote Staat, the Grote Gracht the Helmstraat and the Platielstraat….

Each player also has a public profile, as said mine is “internet”, so… I don’t know if you can / how you can actually link up with me (actually…. this reminds me of a facebook application… omg  im thinking facebook applications…) but if you find out how link me!


and I got some bad luck:



On interesting thing was that on some links of street my virusscanner gave the warning that the “nutcracker” virus was found in the url from monopolycitystreets, so I was wondering if this would be the BIG news of tomorrow (already hacked):


Interesting Links: