Hoeveel water verbruiken we per dag per persoon?

Vandaag heb ik de waterstand doorgegeven. We hebben dit jaar 127 m³ verbruikt (127.000 liter). Wat een waanzinnige hoeveelheid is dat toch. Nochtans zitten we daarmee onder het gemiddelde: een Nederlander gebruikt gemiddeld 122 liter dag (bron: Vitens). Bij ons is dit dus: 127.000/365/4 = 86.75 liter per persoon per dag. Toch is het niet “voorstelbaar”: 127.000 liter. wow. Ik stel me even voor dat ik naar de supermarkt ga en 127.000 literflessen Spa in mijn karretje leg. (of … elke dag 87 van die flessen afreken). Afgaande op de waterverdeling moeten we toch snel iets slimmers gaan verzinnen voor “bad en douche”. Wellicht een of andere superspray die alles wat-niet-cel-is laat verdampen o.i.d.


Micro Plastics have polluted everything: dont buy polyethyleen body products!

imageI was shocked when I heard about micro plastics now in every sea, lake and open watersource not to mention the life that is in there.

It are tiny plastic particles (<1 mm) which are e.g. used in in shampoos. The manufacturers thought the little particles would be stopped by the waterfiltering… but it does not…

So … we now have a situation in which all seas, all lakes and all open waters, like the little water close to your home are full of these micro plastics. They are everywhere.

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The 99% need a raise


I found the above poster here. Obviously you have seen the past 2.500 of years lots of posters that are somehow the same as this one. “Fuck the Pharaoh We need Food” or “The Norman Kings chopped off our hands because we wanted a little bit from freedom” or “The Romans made us and our children slaves just because we are of country Z”.

The poster seems to cry out for some kind of “help” statement but unfortunately it is not solvable. Whatever form of government you will always have the  underlying ape-structure concept of how humans organize themselves. Somehow we organize ourselves by appointing leaders and sub leaders (as in “Gorilla Hill”). As somehow the biggest gorilla gets to sit on top and starts battles with other gorilla’s. Chimps have no chance.

Some people argue that the French revolution, some 200 years ago, brought a new reign. (suddenly we all became “citizens” and we got “mayors” etc…). These people forget that Napoleon was defeated … It is true that we renamed some aspects and the church got less influence but many things stayed the same. Don’t forget: The old rulers won… NOT Napoleon. The only place where really an old Pharaoh and an old regime was defeated “by the people” was in Russia, when, after many many years of problems the Tsar did not give a single bit of freedom to anyone other than himself, through some turbulent times it led to Communism. Which could be  theoretically a further improvement but it was not. The same Gorilla principle occurs also here because the underlying theory of Communism did not take into account modern psychology and group behavior (of course not because it did barely exist).

It also did not work in Spain, 20 years after that. The 5% nutcases began plundering churches which effectively led to the Vatican and Christianity teaming up with the Fascists (the uber Gorilla hill concept) which led to the freedom fighters being slaughtered in the Spanish region and fascism on the rise in the rest of Europe leading to the second world war. Hmm… is there really no genius out there who has a new refreshing society concept that we could use the coming thousands of years to make all people happy? Or is it inevitable that some people will become happy and the largest part will not? Is that what makes us humans?

Of course there is much more to tell. What about China, Cuba and what about human typology and what about democracy and capitalism and what about social democrats liberals etc… Too much to write about.

But let’s keep it simple… after the failed French revolution… and after the failed communist approach. What is our next best option? Or should we just accept the World Description by the author of Planet of the Apes and accept that this is how humans are? We accept that there will be some gorilla’s in whatever form of state that gain endless amount of money, power and influence and a whole pyramid of poor, powerless and non influential people under it from now until eternity? (Where religion makes it easy for these rulers but that is a story for another time).

I have interviewed Awá who have seen their families shot in front of them.

En wederom schreeuwt een volk uit naar de wereld en… geen reactie.

In an earlier interview with Survival, another member of the tribe, Karapiru, described how most of his family were killed by ranchers. “I hid in the forest and escaped from the white people. They killed my mother, my brothers and sisters and my wife,” he said. “When I was shot during the massacre, I suffered a great deal because I couldn’t put any medicine on my back. I couldn’t see the wound: it was amazing that I escaped – it was through the Tupã [spirit]. I spent a long time in the forest, hungry and being chased by ranchers. I was always running away, on my own. I had no family to help me, to talk to. So I went deeper and deeper into the forest.


In Brazilië is een nederzetting van een ongecontacteerde Amazonestam, de Awá, aangevallen door houtkappers. Naar verluidt is een Awá-kind daarbij ‘levend verbrand’. Het verbrande lijk van een Awá-kind werd door leden van een andere stam in het bos gevonden nadat de houtkappers het dorp waren binnengevallen. Dit meldde de Braziliaanse NGO CIMI.

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Root Cause:

Finding one of the world’s largest deposits of iron ore in a remote corner of the Amazon rainforest was something of an accident, according to mining-technology.com. In 1967, a helicopter carrying a team of geologists from a Brazilian subsidiary of U.S. Steel landed on a barren hilltop to refuel. The geologists recognized iron ore on the surface of the hill, and four decades later, one of the world’s largest iron ore mines had taken its place.

Their troubles began in earnest in 1982 with the inauguration of a European Economic Community (EEC) and World Bank-funded programme to extract massive iron ore deposits found in the Carajás mountains. The EEC gave Brazil $600m to build a railway from the mines to the coast, on condition that Europe received a third of the output, a minimum of 13.6m tons a year for 15 years. The railway cut directly through the Awá’s land and with the railway came settlers. A road-building programme quickly followed, opening up the Awá’s jungle home to loggers, who moved in from the east.


The Carajás Mine is the largest iron ore mine in the world. It is located in the state of Pará in the Carajás Mountains of Northern Brazil. The mine is operated as an open-pit mine, and is estimated to contain roughly 18 billion tons of iron ore, plus gold, manganese, copper, and nickel. The mine is run by the Companhia Vale do Rio Doce and part-owned with US Steel.