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The Usenet Archive

On 23th of May 2001 I posted a blogpost that Google acquired Deja’s usenet archive.

For those of you not online before that time… back in 1999 we used the services of Deja and Remarq to find archived newsgroup postings. (I believe Remarq is now supernews and Deja is well.. Google Groups).

However… I noticed that, thanks to the long tail, I got a comment from Craig Stadler on that post 12 years later (today)… announcing a new newsgroup archive: 

(founded feb 2012)

The amazing thing about a weblog is (and you see that the 50th anniversary Dr. Who episode of an hour ago is still fresh in my mind…) that you “say something in 2001” and someone answers 12 years later, while you then can make a reply in the scope of that something you said in 2001.

I don’t understand why some blogs block comments after some time of posting, it’s fun to read that stuff again.

Theusenetarchive has an Alexa ranking of about 650.000 so probably it does need more visitors than currently.

I tried some queries but it probably does not seem to have an “advanced search” option or a help page on how to search on e.g. multiple words. E.g. when I tried “Edward de Leau” it showed all postings with “Edward” (which is a lot). I also tried to search on some of my secret old aliases (to be kept secret indefinitly grin) to search for posts dating back long before 1999 but I couldn’t figure out how the 2 date boxes should work. So I think the search interface needs some work. I could only get postings out of it showing me the latest usenet postings not the one e.g. with “words” between “1995” and “1999”.

Als when I clicked “Group List” I got “Query failed: No database selected”

So.. probably a new revision of the search gui needs to be in place (or maybe you the reader directly understand how it is supposed to work I didnt).