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22 tips for Project Managers

From here:

1. Projects with realistic budgets and timetables don’t get approved

2. Activity in the early stages should be dedicated to finding the correct questions

3. The more desperate the situation the more optimistic the progress report

4. A user is somebody who rejects the system because it’s what he asked for

5. The difference between project success and failure is a good PR company

6. Nothing is impossible for the person who doesn’t have to do it

7. Every failing, overly ambitious project, has at its heart a series of successful small ones trying to escape

8. A freeze on change melts whenever heat is applied

9. There’s never enough time to do it right first time

10. You understood what I said, not what I meant

11. If you don’t know where you’re going, just talk about specifics

12. If at first you don’t succeed, rename the project

13. Everyone wants a strong project manager – until they get him

14. Only idiots own up to what they really know (thank you to President Nixon)

15. The worst project managers sleep at night

16. A failing project has benefits which are always spoken of in the future tense

17. Projects don’t fail in the end; they fail at conception

18. Visions are usually treatable

19. Overly ambitious projects can never fail if they have a beginning, middle and no end

20. In government we never punish error, only its disclosure

21. The most difficult way is, in the long run, the easiest

22. A realist is one who’s presciently disappointed in the future

Eds links for 2008-11-11: ICT-sector lijdt onder economische crisis

ICT-sector lijdt onder economische crisis
De mondiale economische crisis heeft repercussies voor de Nederlandse IT-sector. Enkele lopende contracten zijn stopgezet en enkele grote projecten zijn afgebroken of afgekocht. Diverse detacheerders hebben wervingsdoelstellingen voor nieuwe medewerkers geschrapt, de vraag naar zzp’ers neemt af en onzekere zzp’ers verzoeken IT-werkgevers om een vast contract.