Windows 8 upgrade voor weinig geld

imageIk was er nog niet aan toegekomen  maar gisteren viel het uit mijn todo lijst … ik downloadde gisteren de Windows 8 upgrade assistant en… 30 euro voor de Vista Laptop van mijn vrouw en evenzozeer iets voor mijn eigen Toshiba Windows 7 laptop. Cheap! Voor dat bedrag… gelijk gedaan.

Bij de Vista laptop van mijn vrouw liep alles zo gemakkelijk dat ik bijna met nostalgie terug dacht aan de tijd  dat ik nog met een CD’tje in de hand, via allerlei wegen PC’s upgrade. Ik had allerlei horror scenario’s in mijn hoofd.

Nu is het : start Windows 8 upgrade assistant, next, next, betaal 30 piek via paypal ofcreditcard, “u kunt blijven werken terwijl windows 8 installeert”, pom ti dom, en … we runnen op Windows 8 met het nieuwe apps scherm als startup.

Wow ervaring, probeer het als je nog niet over bent op Windows 8



Dat valt mooi samen met mijn Xbox Music abbo :)

Ander prive Microsoft nieuws :  ik zag zojuist  dat de RTL XL (uitzending gemist) app ook op mijn Xbox 360 was verschenen: ook handig.

Hmmm… die Lumia 920 (2 stuks dan) wordt nu wel voorstelbaar…

defecte Xbox 360 reparatie update

Zoals gezegd, gaf mijn Xbox 360 een fout ik heb toen besloten om via een reparatie aan te vragen.

Mocht je hetzelfde gebeuren:

  • Via de service  site registreer je je Xbox 360 en vraag je de reparatie aan, je betaalt hier online de 70 euro
  • Je krijgt dan een pre-paid uit te printen label dat je op de verzenddoos kunt plakken
  • (je koopt dus zelf een kartonnen doos waarin de XBox 360 past en wat bubbelfolie) (je moet bij een groter postkantoor zijn om dit te kopen)
  • Je belt UPS , dat het pakket komt ophalen (afgelopen week gedaan)

Je krijgt dan status updates per e-mail en je pakketje wordt gewoon thuisbezorgd.


Gaat op zich toch allemaal vrij netjes.


HoTMaiL becomes smart choice?

Hotmail becomes, as you have read a gazillion times.

While already existed for some time (for among others exchange users) as well as office365, end-users can now enjoy a more “Metro” experience.


You can ALREADY claim your unique id when logging in to, and after that you make more aliases, which is nice feature (I just claimed the first name of my wife).

I like having that Microsoft account, especially for “Microsoft” related things (X-Box, MSDN, Developer stuff, and so on). So I keep it around but I’m still using Google Gmail as my main private account.

I wonder (like yourself) if ever the moment comes that we will switch back again to that old Hotmail. That same  hotmail that some of our computer illiterate friends and family consider almost the same as the verb “computer” while you think of those mails you got from them when they were “mailing” from a country far away in an Internet bar.


I think it is not a good move to move to “”, it may be so from a technical point of view: better integration with cloud services, consistent metro interface and all that…

But emotionally … it took “novice” users, you know the type “can you fix my computer it is so slow” or even “I never never touch a computer but on vacation it is handy to stay in touch with the kids with, what is called again, “hotmail” ” … YEARS to grasp the concept of electronic e-mail. For those users a “rename” is like an emotional hammer. They will get so confused that it will take them another year or two to come close to a computer.

For those users “hotmail” is equivalent to “computer”. They have never heard of Facebook. They have never heard of Twitter, let alone ‘outlook’, though some have experienced ‘outlook express’ (and it will all of us  take some time to explain that outlook is something totally different than no-longer-existing-but-still-on-their-computers outlook express) (and whatever-you-do do NOT use the word “Exchange” or the conversation will end quickly).

So … from  a technical point of view I think this is a good decision, none of “them” understood the “Live” concept anyway. Business wise probably also, who cares about those “free” users that will never convert to a business e-mail solution.

But from a “life experience” point of view, I think this is a totally wrong decision. Microsoft should do exactly the opposite: they should build further on the  “Hotmail” brand. They should should rename Outlook to “Hotmail-for-on-your-computer” instead. Would be much smarter. They should then bring out “Hotmail-for-documents” and “Hotmail-for-presentations” and “Hotmail-device-to-play-games-on”.

Since it would not surprise me if a regular guy on the street in tikki-takki country would know only the words “coca cola” and “hotmail” as foreign words.

AND users who know “outlook” are in general much more mentally capable to switch to a new term “hotmail-for-on-your-computer”.

Which makes me think … how much MORE confusing it becomes now … to explain this… we now also have to explain that there is a “cloud” (which is “the internet”) where you can run programs like “Hotmail”. But… there are also programs that you run on your computer and GET and SEND things from and to the cloud. One such program is called “Outlook”. But since more and more programs are running in  “the cloud”, the company behind “Hotmail” decided to rename it and give it the same name as that program that is running on one computer “Outlook”. (gets angry, ignores explanation: “I don’t understand it, you may be good with computer, but I have not a clue, computers is nothing for me.”).

Terminals: remote sessies in tabs

Een favoriet utility in mijn toolbox: is een handig open source programma om meerdere remote sessies in tabs te openen dus onder meer remote desktop, citrix, VNS en Telnet.

Het is een complete vervanging van Terminal Services.

Je kunt het runnen vanaf een usb stick of vanuit Dropbox.

License: Microsoft Shared Source Community License (MS-CL)

Watching E3 2010 DEMOS

Via the Facebook group of DC Universe I read that its coming in November.

So the question is …. shall I buy a new PC or shall I buy a PS3?

Maybe its time to start socializing already on

E3 VIdeo Channel on YouTube:

Hey… some extremely nice stuff on E3:

… X Box 360 : Natal is going to called “kinect” and all call of duty items will be exclusive FIRST on XBox360.

… watching metal gear solid from Konami on E3 wow!

… watching Gears of War 4 DEMO … wow!

… watching unbelievable Guitar Hero demo demonstration (Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock)

… watching another demo of the kinect sensor, looks pretty cool I’m glad that I have an Xbox 360 sitting here. Zune…. yeah… but I live in Europe …. But the control with Voice and Gestures is way cool. This is like “Star Trek” : “X-Box stop” and the thing stops. “Xbox play music” and the thing begins playing.  Pretty slick and pretty simple.

… watching video kinect , also pretty cool, you can video call someone with just gestures, watch movies together and the thing followes you around the room so you no longer have to walk though a webcam and change the direction. This look SO simple that this would pretty cool. I can imagine watching my wife calling me by just saying “xbox call edward” and she sees me on the tv.

… ESPN has made an exclusive deal with XBOX 360: 3500 live events available (WK?)

… Natal /Kinect is probably the big message… hmm… I want video lessons Kung Fu by Bruce Lee… Kinectimals demo … looks great for my son. Looks really cool. So … I need to buy Kinectimals first.

… Kinect Sports also look amazing… bye bye Wii. Kinect Racing also look cool enough to buy, a fun race game which is hopefully easier. Kinect Adventures look really funny: Wii alike dudging and jumping

… HAWX 2 from ubisoft look nice, did not know that game actually, Long ago I played some air fight games that I really liked. Awesome details on the ground, you see ships sinking, detailed cities on the ground ,etc…

… Dance Central for Kinect. ……………. ok ….. this is now my #1 game that I’m going to buy. This will big fun in our household. Guitar Hero was big fun but dancing really takes away any border.

… lots of more reviews to read here:

… hey…. a NEW Xbox 360 with a new 250 GB disk + wifi. and…. it is shipping… today … so I can pick it up .and the complete audience  gets one FREE …. must be fun to make such an announcement

… demo of new Fallout Las Vegas…  I did not even finish the current one… must first finish that one before I can start this one :) … funny, the guards in a casino tool all weapons. Actually… fallout is one of the reasons I want to buy a new tv…\

… a demo for the new Legend of Zelda was bit difficult with some interference , well I dont have a wii and I never played Zelda, but I saw quite some movies of it.

… and a demo of DC Universe… well… I cant wait for that one.

… disney epic mickey is another game that would be great for my kids, its exclusive for wii, so maybe i should just go out and buy a wii , then again most anyone has one so… they can play at … e.g. their grandparents :)

… Sony brings Killzone 3 in the year that 3D is coming to each household. nice.