I saw the movie “Agora” tonight at NL 2 VPRO which I really can recommend to you if you have not seen it. It’s both historical, a love story and beautifully worked out. It dragged me from one thought to the other by all  the metaphors used.

It has been worked out to the utterly details: e.g. the visual effects team designed the sky so accurately that it matches the time period of the movie.


So uhm… go watch it.

The growing earth theory and the oil business (again)

A while ago I saw a video of the expanding earth theory by Neal Adams (yes THE Neal Adams which you know from the comics).

It kept floating in my brain and I revisited the youtube videos again e.g. here:

What he is saying is basically… disregarded by the main line science at this moment.

Normally I would choose the main group of scientists but in this case… I can’t help it but it is just to logical that this is the truth.

Maybe we don’t know exactly all the details but it seems much more likely that this is the way the current layout of the earth formed than the tectonic theory.

Since the 1960’s plate tectonics is basically the leading theory. One of the older theories before that was actually the expanding earth theory (

The main problem with the expanding earth theory is that the Earth is currently not expanding at all. The source of energy for this expansion is also not known. The tectonic theory is "viewable" almost every day with new earthquakes and volcanoes around the borders of the plates.

LUCKILY this is not all in my scope and I can simply say… I think that the expanding earth theory is correct.

If you also think this theory is the correct one you can join the growing earth consortium:

And… maybe you would think … ok… what is the next step? Oil of course… just search on oil and growing earth theory and you will be dazzled e.g.:

39 theme songs that have become memes in our society

There are a lot of movie theme songs that have entered our brains and will continue to be used in our society to represent much more than the original movie theme they once were.

If you have additional tips : add them :)

#39 Everyone recognizes the song but not everyone has seen the movie or even the japanese predecessor of the movie (at least in my experience) even though it is probably still in the imdb 250

#38 the good the bad and the ugly one finale theme is so many times used in media that it is recognized by anyone
#37 The Damien theme from the Omen (O furtuna) scares me every time I hear it and I bet it generates the same feeling with about half of humanity.

Damien…. brrrrr!

#36 The tubelar bells excorcist theme is universal to represent deep fear or to represent a VERY scary scene.


#35 Unchained melody from the Patrick era… another song that we all know and which gives us a certain feeling of lost love and deep romantic longings.

see: #34 ANYONE knows the line "play it again sam" it is in thousands of comics, books, videos and movies.

Even people who never saw Casablanca or even people who never heard the song can relate to it.

#33 You can play this song in any situation and people will immediately recognize it either you make a parody on it on a wedding, put it behind a photo slideshow…

It it romance becoming physical in audio. Or better said it says "romance" when you don’t want to use words.

#32 hand up for you who has NOT ever mimiced John Travolta on a dance floor in whatever situation feeling like the center of the place :)

We all know the song and we recognize the "feeling".

And after all of this years it has survived and has outlived the movie itself.

#31 the Fame Theme song.

Classic. Also for those who have never ever seen the movie itself.

#30 Used in gazillion places and universally recognized.
#29 Who hasn’t used this song in his car or never made the jokes on Kit.
#28 Another tatatadada song which we all use now and then.

The song is probably the thing that has survived and will survive generations to come alongside with "I love it when a plan comes together" :)

We use the song when we want to illustrate a situation where we have to build or repair stuff and "bind" by using the song.

#27 tatatadadadaaaaaa

I NEVER saw the Hawaii Five-0 series but I know the series simply because it has gotten a life on itself to represent something i can not describe.

#26 IVANHOE! ivanhoe side by side we ride with Ivanhoe lalala.

The song is legend

#25 I dont think anyone of this generation ever saw the series but everyone recognizes the theme song.
#24 Anyone who hears the loveboat theme song recognizes what is ment when used in a parody or alongside a video or even sung by yourself in certain situations.

With these themes it is hard to describe what we mean when we use the song but nonetheless everybody understands what is ment.

#23 Sometimes you just whistle and the Dallas theme song OR the dynasty song comes out of your mouth. It is used to indicate fame / wealth when using the song and has outlived the series and the song itself  means really something in our culture for generations to come.

(yes guys I left out falcon crest)

#22 Who does not know the Pink Panther song. Probably many people never even saw one of the movies but everyone recognizes the tune to mean something like "investigation".
#21: the Jaws theme must be the universal "danger ahead" theme, just whistle it and it is universally understood.
#20: ANYONE trying out a piano and plays the Close Encounters of the Third Kind Riddle gets a smile because the tune is now a universal recognized meme.
see: #19:  singing in the rain by Gene Kelly, who has not sung this when it started to rain?

Probably the complete planet can sing along with this text that has definitely become a meme on its own.

#18 : Isn’t this maybe the most sung song? Everyone knows the wizard of oz and everyone recognizes the song.

#17 :  I think, everyone should immediately get this especially since it is used in a gazillion parodies, movies and videos to make "the link" to amongst others our friend HAL.

#16 : Monty Python Music  Yes I could add Always look at the bright side or any of the countless amounts of quotes and anecdotes which whole generations know word for word and will probably travel with us for generations to come.

(when you click through on the video you can practice your monty python skills on a lot of related videos … RUN AWAY…..  NI NI NI…

Stop! … ask me the question bridgekeeper I’m not afraid ! (…) WHAT is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow? What do you mean  an african or an european swallow? What? I don’t know that? WAAAAAA! This stuff is almost hardwired in our brains.

#15  You can scare the shit out of someone by just doing this song while someone is under the shower.

The song has been used in a gazillion other videos to "indicate fear" and has become almost unified with that concept.

#14 The killer song from Kill bill is probably installed on any cell phone on earth one time or another.

The song has become a thing it itself. Even my mother has it as her ringtone.

A lot of songs from this movie are EPIC but this is one is probably the one that survives the times.

#13 the My name is nobody them from the best movie from Terence Hill of course from Ennio Morricone who could fill this complete list with his additional movie themes.

I saw this movie Soooo many times, unfortunately my dvd of it is now broken :(

#12  Anyone can "sing" this and people understand what you mean.

You wake up in the middle of the night and hear something strange in your house and you mimic the theme and your partner will understand what you mean :)

#11 the Muppet show music

who does not know it? did you know these puppets started in IBM commercials?

#10 I don’t even if I have seen ALL of them but the song is internationally recognizable and has become an expression in itself.

see: wikipedia

#9 Whenever there is a situation in which we have to handle difficult thing you hear people jokingly doing "the theme" it represents something even for people who never even saw the movie.

see: wikipedia

#8 The Godfather theme is so embedded in our society that it is used in any situation where we want to associate something "maffia" alike even in humorous situations.

see: wikipedia

#7 You only have sing a few tones of this and the people who feel like you will get a big smile and the conversation on thousands of details of the series will come up.

I could add the next generation theme song, the voyager theme song, the enterprise theme song… but in essence these theme songs are recognizable enough to be run against any video to represent a certain feeling in itself.

I could possibly add hundreds of videos that have become memes by themselves.

see: wikipedia

#6 Wasn’t Cheers the greatest tv series ever?

The song itself has become an international meme in itself for expressing a feeling that is difficult to capture in words except maybe for " NORM! "

#5 I really don’t know which theme song I should place on #1 but this song is definitely a meme in itself.

The song has risen above the movie itself to become an expression. Almost everyone uses the song to express a feeling or a moment. You definitely have been in the fitness room doing "ta da ta dada" and everyone recognizes the thing you express.

see: wikipedia

#4 And still this is the most memorable batman song, you only need to mumble a few of the tones and people will recognize it.

#3 Do I need to say anything more? Anything hearing this tune must get a big smile on his face. Aren’t we all fans of Star Wars?

The theme song has become a meme in itself.

see: wikipedia

#2 I saw these movies in the cinema when I was young. The tune is of course EPIC and becomes part of your life. I think every second of Raiders of the Lost Ark and the Temple of Doom are burned in my brain… and I STILL like to view them.

Of course I have the DVD’s now AND my son is now playing Lego Indiana Jones on the X-Box (2 player modus) so this theme song is becoming a meme that spans generations in our household.

see: wikipedia

#1 When I was young… I saw Superman part 1 dozens of times again and again and again and again  in a cinema in maastricht.

Whenever I hear the theme song I just begin to smile.

Do you remember him rotating the earth in the other direction to save Lois Lane? Cool.

Did you know the S in the log also resembles the number 5 which stands for freedom?

see wikipedia

The Fuck You Mentality


I watched some more K-Rina and in the video below and I thought of the "Fuck You" mentality

I like it :) 

What she did is pretty much have critical stuff to say about religion and in this case Islam, she received more death threats than in the last 6 months…. and her response is basically "fuck you" instead of hiding away like this religion is used to.

I have been thinking over these things the last years. How can we cure people from having thoughts about the world as if it were a magical fairy tale? Apparently just bringing "proofs" and 2500 years of accumulated sciences only works with a select amount of persons. These people are so convinced that uhm .. whatever fairy tale story is true that they don’t realize they are repeating the same message over and over again out of one fixed source versus science, the contribution of hundreds of thousands of people during hundreds of years in acquiring more knowledge. A totally different model. And of course if you logically think about it, the scientific "community route" will win in the end. Unfortunately we still live in an age where a thing called "religion" is still present. In many years our great great grandchildren will see this as something that was only there for a moment in time and have no idea what the big thing was about it.

Each time either Christianity or Islam is threatened some war starts or something smaller that comes close to a war. It’s the way a cult works. Repeating over and over again the same message, hiding away people from other opinions and basically A LOT of violence against other cults. So the last time Christianity was really threatened, during the Spanish Civil War when atheists united on the left front for a free state, The pope joined forces with the right to basically "kill them all", directly followed by their alliance with Fascist Europe. (Franco’s support for Hitler). Very simple to follow that route. The right Fascists and Christians on the one side and the left and atheists on the other side. (Of course they had to because their priests got murdered). In the united states nowadays you see the same: how Fascism so very easily grows out of Christianity. It basically boils down to: do no not think (science) but just believe and follow your leader (whoever) and do not say "fuck you" because then you will be killed. A small percentage of a group goes extremer as always and presto you have fascism as we see in Islam and Christianity.

On this moment Christianity is not really threatened. We have more or less a bunch of scientific based groups and well.. these have been there for the past 2000 years… They write books, make some youtube videos and well…. there is no real large movement for a state free of religion. The problem now is, IF we follow a route to have a state free of religion it will, historically based, lead to a direct reaction from the religious forces which will undoubtly lead to violence. Maybe not directly planned but let’s say that if a movement is 100 people then 1 nutcase will be present. If it is 100.000 people then 1000 nutcases will be present. If the nutcases of either movement go fight each other they will drag the rest with it.

So I’m thinking about the best route to take. Let’s call it the "best non violence way to have a human civilization 2.0", a lot of thinking… opposite of simply "fuck you" and that is why I like it. It’s refreshing.


The Greatest Speech Ever

"In less than an hour, aircraft from here will join others from around the world and you will be launching the largest aerial battle in the history of mankind.

Mankind… that word should have new meaning for all of us today. It can’t be consumed by our petty diferences any more. We will be united in our common interest.

Perhaps its fate that today is the 4th of july, and you will once again be fighting for our freedom, not from tyranny, oppression or persecution… but from annihilation, we’re fighting for our right to live, to exist.

And should we win the day, the fourth of july will no longer be known as an american holiday, but as the day when the world declared in one voice:

We Will Not Go Quietly Into The Night

We Will Not Vanish Without A Fight

We’re going to live on We’re going to survive

Today we celebrate our Independence Day!"