Risk Strategy 1: Focus on the player before you in turn


Sometimes people ask me if Risk is not a complete “game of luck”. It are mostly the persons who either have no strategic insight or who have just played the game not enough times.

There are hundreds of things that go on in the brain of a professional RISK player.

I admit that I am not the best player around but I am a pretty good player. I´m not on the #1 spot in the world but I can compete for the top #25.

I wonder myself what the patterns are that should be somewhere in the head of a professional risk player, so I will start this series on risk strategies. Use it for your benefit.

The first interesting thing to take into account, which not many players do, is the order of turns. By chance or by coincidence player 1 starts, then player 2, then player 3 and so on. Although it seems this should not matter it matters in fact a lot. If a complete beginner is before you in turn you could use this. If a super pro is before you in turn you could use this.

It has to do with breaking the balance in the world. A player who weakens himself and thereby weakening another player is an easy prey to be utterly destroyed. If a player goes mad and suicides on another player he will leave a trail of 1’s. The first player to collect this easy array of 1’s will gain the cards, gain enormous armies and can use this as a domino effect to conquer the world. So it is a matter of luck who will be the first in turn after the person who will suicide. So … make the person before you in turn strong enough and mad enough to suicide. Be his best friend and make the rest of the world look scary. If you are playing online focus your chat only on the player before you in turn. If you play in real life, get him a beer.

If you have a n00b player before you in turn then you lead him by providing him with easy preys on the board until he flips, you could also lock him in some corner by placing 100 against 10 in some connection so he can only go 1 way one turn or another. There are numerous ways to achieve this. You could of course also influence the player before you by using words and slowly move him in the objective of killing another player. This is only important for the player directly in turn before you, so you should focus all your energy on this specific player and less on other players to achieve your goal of letting him go wild on another player. Try to understand what he or she is trying to do.

Sometimes it works other times not for a direct victory but the point: the player just before you in turn is most important. So too keep this in your mind and analyze his or hers actions and think on how you can influence!

Risk Express: portable RISK Game

image While updating the risk.startpagina.nl I found the Risk Express edition on the Hasbro site, it is out for a while but I haven’t written about it yet.

This is a mini version for Risk Addicts, like me, which we can bring along on vacation or to party’s and which can be played within 20 minutes.

It can be played with 2 to 6 players.

You can download the manual in PDF format here to give you an indication of the game. I haven’t had the game in my hands "physically" but it looks pretty cool to play.

In this portable game all territories are cards. Which makes it handier than carrying along a big board.

Each of the so called territories / country cards looks something like this:


What you see the right is an example card, e.g. North America.

If you conquer North America you will get 3 points, the one with the most points at the end of the game wins. Complete territories give extra points and, different than the board game, if you completely conquer a continent noone can re-conquer it.

On this specific card you see 3 lines of icons:

- 1 line consisting of a cavalry icons and a cannon icon
- another line consisting of a cavalry icons and a cannon icon
- and a line with 3 soldiers

You need to break through all three lines before you can conquer the country. Which means that you have to dice all the icons on the lines with your 7 attack dices whereafter you get to conquer the country.

E.g. suppose you throw:


This means that you can place the cannon and the cavalry (horse) icon on the first line of defense. You can not place the other dices all at once because you can only conquer 1 defense line per dice roll.

The next roll you might throw this:


In this roll there are neither a cavalry+cannon nor the 3 soldiers so you can not conquer any defense lines, so you must put 1 dice away and roll again:


Now you have a roll in which you have a cannon and a horse (artillery and cavalry) which you can put on the second line of defense, You now only need to conquer the third line of defense (3 soldiers):


you have 4 soldiers which is more than enough to conquer the defense line with the three soldiers, so now you have conquered North America!

Pretty simple. There is also the "general" icon on the card. This should be used/diced when another player already has the country and you want to conquer that territory.

There are some minor house rules you can introduce: if you do not manage to conquer the country you could create the rule that the other players can then continue the fight to conquer the country.

As said, I do not have this version yet, so I can not say anything about the playability or real strategies you could form around playing the dice/card game. If you have played it let me know how it was.

Edward de Leau

ATTACK Player Check Tool

ATTACK is an application for facebook which emulates the game of RISK.

I have been playing RISK on ATTACK for a little while now, just for relaxing my brain in the evening hours, it’s a real fun game but the annoying part is that you sometimes play against people who have teamed up before the game so you don’t stand a chance.

Therefore I have written a simple PHP application which lets players add comments and scores to other players (when they are registered) to generate white listings and black listings of players. Ofcourse its fun to read comments made on you also and possible some other ideas will flow in it. A little screenshot:


I hope it lets players enjoy their games even more. It’s a  beta v.0.01 release so probably there are still some bugs in there.

If you play ATTACK you can help me bugfixing the tool by testing it out!

The Attack Player Check Tool: http://kijker.tv/attack/

Facebook Risk: ATTACK!


Ergens in 1999 speelde ik vrij veel RISK online. Je kunt mijn battles nog altijd nalezen. Ik speelde destijds op Microsoft Zone met Hasbro Risk. Op de Risk startpagina onderhoud ik nog altijd een aantal goede Risk links.

Mijn vriend TshuiHark mailde me onlangs een Risk versie die gespeeld kan worden via Facebook en ik moet zegen, het is echt een aanrader.

Facebook is een zogenaamd social network waar je gratis lid van kunt worden. Facebook recentelijk programmeurs de optie bood om zelf applicaties te integreren in Facebook. Attack! is daar een voorbeeld van.

Op het moment dat je ATTACK! toegevoegd hebt aan de lijst van applicaties verschijnt het vanzelf in de linker kolom in je Facebook profiel zoals je kunt zien aan de rechterkant.

Als je vervolgens klikt op het icoontje "ATTACK!" kom je in de spelers lobby. Je ziet de lijst met spelers tafels en de kosten om deel te kunnen nemen aan een spel. Die kosten bestaan niet uit echt geld maar uit punten die je kunt kunt verdienen door te winnen met spelletjes risk.

Je kunt aan een tafel gaan zitten door erop te klikken of te klikken op "find me a game now" waarmee je automatisch een tafel krijgt toegewezen.

Je kunt plaats nemen aan een tafel door te klikken op een plek waar nog niemand zit (er staat het woord "SIT" op). Vaak komt het voor dat alle plekken al bezet zijn je kunt dan oftewel het window sluiten en opnieuw klikken op "find me a game now" of wachten totdat  het spel voorbij is en direct op "SIT" klikken zodra de spelers de tafel verlaten.

Je kunt ook wachten om te kijken of iemand het spel verlaat, hij wordt dan vervangen door een "BOT". Je kunt de plaats innemen van de BOT door erop te klikken.

Er wordt verwacht dat je de basisregels van risk kent. Deze versie en veel andere online versies werken met "increasing card sets" dat betekent dat elke nieuwe kaart inwisseling meer legers oplevert en je bovendien de kaarten krijgt van spelers die je uhm… vernietigt. Dat brengt zo zijn eigen strategieen met zich mee.

Er is ook een leaderboard ranking waar de beste spelers in een lijst staan en je kunt de gegevens van spelers bekijken door op hun foto te klikken tijdens het spel.

the ATTACK Game





image   imageimage image


In 1999 I played the boardgame risk online. You can still read about my battles. I played on Microsoft Zone using Hasbro Risk. On the Risk startpagina I still maintain a list of good Risk links.

My friend TsuiHark sent me an invite for the RISK game inside Facebook. I tried it and I must say it’s really worth recommending.

Facebook is a so called social network where you can become a member of (free). facebook recently offered the possibility to programmeres to interface their own applications in Facebook. Attack is an example of this.

As soon as you have added ATTACK! to your list of applications it will appear in the left column in your Facebook profile as you can see to the left.

When you then click on the icon "ATTACK!" you get launched in the players lobby of which I have included a screen shot to the left. You can see the list of available player tables and the costs it takes to play such a game. These are "money" costs but points you have earned by winning games.

You can join a table by clicking on it or by clicking "find me a game now" after which you get assigned a table automatically.

You can take place at a table by clicking on a colored spot where noone is sitting yet (it has the word SIT on it). Often all seats are taken. You can then close the window and click "find me a game now" again or wait until the game has ended and then click on "SIT" when all players have left the table.

You can also wait to see if someone drops out of the game. When someone drops out of the game he is automatically replaced by a "bot". You can take the place of the bot by clicking on it.

It is expected that you know the basic rules of Risk. This version and many other online versions work with "increasing card sets" which means that you will get more armies at each card exchange. Also you will get the cards of people you uhm… exterminate. This brings along it’s own set of strategies.

There is also a leaderboard ranking which listst the best players. You can view the data of players during the game.

the ATTACK Game

Risk Games

[19 oktober 1999] – There are lots of games i have played the past two months but i didnt find the time or the urge to write them all down. If u are interested in my games please visit http://www.igl.net/risk for my current standings etc…

LOST Zone – 22 august 1999 (45)

1. edelwater blue [ind] 2. willison [116] 3. ok_imhere [17] [reported loss]

I took SA. but moved 10+ above siam. willison and ok_imhere had a short fight in indonesia Ok took indonesia. willison invaded me in SA. moved the 10+ from asia to SA and regained SA. Wiped out willison getting his cards and tried to gain territoria as much as possible before ok’s turn in. Fuck my luck even with 6 i didnt even succeed in conquering 1 army in NA. took africa and parts of europe. Willison conq europe, afr, invaded SA. So i could only slowly fight back to regain 1 part in africa and Eur. At the end i gave the game, she would win undoubtely. She also gave an url ( ) with her pic on it :