How to terrify your guests in house with infrasound?

I wanted to test if the 18,98 Hz Frequency would strike fear into my guests at home. Your first ignorent First Test() will fail:


That was a stupid approach for creating InfraSound!

Sound that falls just helow the human hearing range (20Hz) at about the frequency of 18,98, strikes fear into people e.g. ghost houses have these frequences (they led to e.g. a new fan causing unhearable sounds).

So…  I will need some specific hardware (e.g. special subwoofer like, possibly a new sound card (did not even check yet) and  probably a specific sound .dll for coding against to experiment on my guests (see also: and here:

To measure this I will also need some very good microphones.

This is an interesting lab experiment for the Ed-Lab, @todo

Auditory Illusions : Holophonic Sound: WOW!

Everyone: head to 404 Creative Blog’s posting on Holophonic Sound.

The examples you can listen to (with your headset) are absolutely stunning!

You should absolutely try the virtual haircut, it’s a superb example of 3d sounds.

(although it has been up since 2007 it’s the first time I heard it)

Okay… this is way cool…  so I headed to wikipedia to find out more. Unfortunately there is not much info.

WHY are not all new recordings made in Holophonic recording style? Why are we still using “stereo”? Where can I buy Holophonic CD’s?

With normal songs you just “listen to the music”, with Holophonic music I imagine a singer coming up to me and whisper something in my right ear, just for me, whereafter a violin spindles around my head!

That’s it! Andre Rieu, please make me a Holophonic cd!