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Delicious for sale… who will buy it?

One of the most important sites on the Internet is for sale: delicious. I bookmarked it in the asides a couple of times.

So why is it one of the most important sites? Because they link meta information to (MD5-ed) URL’s in the form of tags and in the form of amount of bookmarks-reviews. Way before the LIKE and the +1. And not only that but the tag structure forms an awesome taxonomy.

I saw some reviews writing ´a bookmarking service´ I don´t think they get it. It´s a taxonomy.

This should have been the Google….

Why Yahoo never managed to make it an uber revenue cow I fail to comprehend but on Quora someone made a nice post on this.

(and more to be found)

I wonder who will buy it. I hope Amazon and I don’t hope StumbleUpon (since they kicked out my in their rankings) and I don’t hope Google and I don’t hope LastPass and I don’t hope Facebook.

Why Amazon? Because Delicious data would match really well with Alexa data. Think about it: type a page on Alexa and now MD5 all sub/uri´s to get meta information on the context. Pretty cooooooool especially if we could php around it access that data via Amazon webservices. Instant nice stuff.