Delicious for sale… who will buy it?

One of the most important sites on the Internet is for sale: delicious. I bookmarked it in the asides a couple of times.

So why is it one of the most important sites? Because they link meta information to (MD5-ed) URL’s in the form of tags and in the form of amount of bookmarks-reviews. Way before the LIKE and the +1. And not only that but the tag structure forms an awesome taxonomy.

I saw some reviews writing ´a bookmarking service´ I don´t think they get it. It´s a taxonomy.

This should have been the Google….

Why Yahoo never managed to make it an uber revenue cow I fail to comprehend but on Quora someone made a nice post on this.

(and more to be found)

I wonder who will buy it. I hope Amazon and I don’t hope StumbleUpon (since they kicked out my in their rankings) and I don’t hope Google and I don’t hope LastPass and I don’t hope Facebook.

Why Amazon? Because Delicious data would match really well with Alexa data. Think about it: type a page on Alexa and now MD5 all sub/uri´s to get meta information on the context. Pretty cooooooool especially if we could php around it access that data via Amazon webservices. Instant nice stuff.

Leeeeeeeeroy Jeeeeeeenkins

The video takes place in the Upper Blackrock Spire dungeon in World of Warcraft, inside the Rookery room, one of the most notoriously difficult sections for newcomers to the game. It opens with the guild members discussing an impending raid via audio teleconferencing, complete with regimented battle plan and statistical breakdown of their survival. The fastidiousness of their preparations is ruined by the sudden and unexpected actions of Leeroy; who, being AFK(Away From Keyboard) and missing the entire conversation, runs into the area without pause, yelling “all right chums, I’m back, let’s do this! LEEEERRROOOOY JEEEEEENKINS!” There is a second or so of stunned silence from his companions, followed by the carnage that ensues when they mount a rescue attempt. The attempted raid (and video) ends disastrously, with all the guild members laying dead on the floor, screaming at Leeroy for his brash decision. Leeroy responds to the abuse -and explains what he was doing AFK during the raid preparations – with the retort “At least I have chicken.”

Leeroy Jenkins on Wikipedia