To the Internet incrowd: wake up!

When a small business (e.g. company X with 20 employees) wants to "join the Internet" they mostly

  • either seek out someone close who can build a nice "html" site with the default parts: the address, some products, about us, a contact form, the route and possibly some nice other bits (the animated e-mail-us gif’s are always fun).
  • Or they seek a kid who downloads os commerce, zen cart, cubecart or any other "cart" and who then customizes the html and css a bit  (geez these styled li menu items with lightboxes are cool) (yeah you are cool if you are using Joomla! too (kuch)).

Which is actually pretty sad.

Especially since exactly the smaller companies are flexible enough to really take the opportunities the Internet offers.

So what do companies think of the Internet? (and what have we learned from the e-business fiasco bubble?). Do they see the opportunities?

Do we really think that putting a viral whatever out there is "wow a great social idea" or gaining a massive e-mail list to spam all the customers? Is adding a blog innovative? Well… maybe in 1999 it was which is in Internet terms something out of the prehistoric ages. It’s obligatory! Is adding mini games cool? Yes, in 1999 it was. Quizzes, Polls, Forum (with no users), Live customer support chat boxes? Yes in 1999 they were pretty hot. Now they are default modules in whatever boring open source free cms.

I would really like to see some examples where existing "brick and mortar" smaller companies took the possibilities Internet offers to gain marketshare and to tap into new customer segments with some brand new hot ideas.

I feel that there is a lot of things going on in the "blogging scene" or the "Internet incrowd, however most smart people out there are self-indulged by either focusing on already-there concepts "optimize your blog using SEO to gain more users" (out of a sea of zillions of the same boring blog stories) or "a cool API to use our tell-the-time web service for on your own site" while there are zillions and zillions of things todo on the Internet. There are so many concepts which haven’t even seen the daylight that you could spend your days just publishing new concepts.

Why are the smaller companies not jumping into this enormous hole? Why is the Internet incrowd only focusing on optimizing their google ads placements (and proudly blogging about the 2 extra cents), playing around with cool technology (webservices, api, cool css tricks), making a 3d avatar and stumbling around? Where is the real business innovation happening?

To those who once wrote their own blog software years ago: wake up! It’s time to get busy again! Drop your rss, atom, xml-interfaces, ajax, play-with-api-x code and start inventing new stuff! I’m waiting for the new e-mail, irc, voip, ICQ, Mozilla, Weblog, OpenID, Social network concept. Stop meddling around with existing "API’s" and "plugins" and "extensions". Make something that wasn’t there before but which you, Einsteins among us, invented and which suddenly everyone is using.

Well… at least add something on this "site for a company of a friend I’m building" that we haven’t seen before… anywhere… please?