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Idea about a new financial product

image I had an idea for a new financial product: the gadget-o-meter.

For end-users: you can build a wish-list of items. You can put books in there, mini camcorders, cds or even a house, whatever. You can embed the list on your website or send it to people before your birthday. It’s really the kind of wishlist you can find on a gazillion websites and of course it will have all the easy simple drag-to-browser “add-to-wishlist” button.

That on itself is not so exciting.

On the other side of the screen however is your money-o-meter, it is coupled to a special bank account especially for this purpose. It is a simple financial product: just an account which you can fill with money or which other people can fill with money. At the moment that the money-o-meter reaches a certain value then the product which is highest on the list automatically gets mailed to you so you don’t even have to think about (nice for shops to include an “add-to-gadge-o-meter” button) and ends up in your have list

The benefit is that you don’t have to do anythingimage besides adding your wishes: you will get stuff send to your house without you even looking at the gadget-o-meter. You might even forget about it and suddenly get send stuff.

Graphically this is of course a mindsketch, the endresult could look much smarter so people would have the feeling that something happens graphically when they enter money in the meter. They should dynamically see the thing move.

The revenue stream is of course on the interest on the associated bank accounts.

On the wishlist side one could partner with webshops

On the money-o-meter side one could partner with web income companies e.g. affiliates, webwritings and the hundreds of other ways to earn money on the web.

If you steal this idea then set me up a gadget-o-meter and donate me a percentage in there worth the idea, I’ll put the widget right here :)