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Keep on top of things with the Wikipedia 5000

The wikipedia 5000 list gives you the most popular wikipedia articles of the past week.

What purpose could it be for you?

  1. post about a topic on your blog or on your social network for attention (clicks = hits= money)
  2. do not post about any of these topics because they are cliche and everyone posts about it
  3. find out what currently people find interesting enough to dive into somewhat more
  4. find out about all this stuff because you can use it at the coffee machine or at clients because chance is high this is “the talk of the week”
  5. find out which series to watch
  6. find out which music to listen to
  7. find out which movies to watch
  8. just read all of it to know everything and show off at the bar
  9. get dissapointed because the thing you thought was special apparently everyone reads
  10. get excited because the thing you find interesting apparently many people find interesting

bonus: make it a game: for each article explain why that article is in the top 5000 this week.