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Disney Infinity 2.0 for parents

My 2 boys are raving about Disney Infinity 2.0. Apparently there are all kinds of new characters for their game. (So I can say “no go read a book” but you know that does not work in the real world Glimlach )

To be honest: I have no clue…. so I made a little overview for myself (and possibly other parents) to see what characters there are and how much it costs to buy – gift them.

So it seems you need to buy the Super Heroes starterpack: the old “1.0” characters will still be playabe on that new uhm “platform” (but not the other way around).

Here is the information for your budget::

  1. the super heroes starter pack” (incl. puppets Thor, Iron-Man and Black Widow) costs € 64,99 and is required
  2. Avengers - The theme “Avengers” has 3 additional characters (HawkEye, Hulk, Captain America), € 14,99 each, and 2 more will releases soon (Loki, Falcon) also € 14,99 each.
  3. Guardians of the galaxy - The theme “Guardians of the Galaxy” has a required package €28,99 and 3 additional characters (Rocket Raccoon, Groot, Drax) of € 14,99 each and 2 more will be released soon (Ronan, Yondu) also € 14,99
  4. Spider-Man - The theme “Spider-Man” has a required package (incl. Spider-Man and Nova) and costs € 29,99 and has 3 additional characters (Iron Fist, Venom, Nick Fury) for € 14,99 each and 1 more will be released soon (Green Goblin), I think also € 14,99
  5. Originals –Then there are new “2.0” disney originals they can only play in the “toy box” (so without a new playable world): Malificent, Tinker Bell, DonaldDuck, Aladdin, Stich, Merida, Hiro, BayMax and a crystal Mickey Mouse all €14,99
  6. originals startpack – in addition there is a Toy Box combo pack for €54,99 which contains the same game software as the “super heroes starter pack” so no clue why you would want to buy this.

In addition there are 40 new 2.0 “power disks” which give all kinds of special things in the game, but you can not buy them seperately. you have to buy packages and be lucky the oens missing are in there. So … better check out marktplaats to see if you can get them there.

So if you want to buy them all, excl. the toy box combo pack (not needed), then this is roughly (25*€14,99)+ (€64,99) + (€2*29,99) = € 500 excl. PowerDisk Packs.

Here’s a little graphical overview I made for myself, incl costs, can use it as a checklist:


If you also want to invest in getting all the new 2.0 PowerDisks (40) “complete” (see here for description), prepare for a longer journey, here is the checklist:

Undoubtly I’m missing information (I timeboxed my research Glimlach ) so please share if I need to update the above.

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