Barack Obama’s Speech on Race

image I’m pretty sceptic, on anyone and anything, but I’ve never heard someone speak like Barack Obama. I think this is the kind of leader who only once in a century turns up somewhere on the planet. It just cheers up my day whenever I’ve heard him speak.

It’s difficult to explain to other skeptics who have never actually seen a speech of him (just go YouTube…), it must be the “I’ve never seen LOST but I know that I dont like it” experience.

Anyway, this speech on race is again absolutely stunning. It’s brilliant. It’s intellectual. It’s emotional but most of all, and I think that this is the real reason why people’s mouths fall open when they hear him speak… it’s true and offers a solution at the same time. It’s so unlike any other political mumbo-jumbo hate-hidden agenda-we and they-talks. It’s about working together, unity and hope, which should be the real drivers for humanity although they have been well hidden by politicians for the past 20 years.


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