Bitcasa experiences day II

imageSo… I signed up with Bitcasa, the infinite drive, where you can store an unlimited amount of files for $99 a year. Some more experiences.


I read a lot of complaints currently on the support forum of BitCasa, my upload speed varies from  about 8Mb per second to 40 kbytes/s (The speed at start might be because at the start it just buffers to the BitCasa buffer so that is a local copy…).  This was after I upgraded to the new client ( I thought that it would auto update the client but apparently it does not.  I can understand that because possibly the update mechanism only updates new clients not the old beta clients. So if you are running the old client you will have manually download and install the after-beta version.

8mb: probably buffering to bitcasa cache
48 kbytes/s: the real deal

I’m not particular worried about speed. On this moment I’m just offloading backups to BitCasa which I start on one laptop and then leave it running until it is finished.


The new client actually was a surprise: it now creates itself on my i: drive instead of being somewhere on c:\… this is nice. It also show me how much is remaining to upload, I like this new client a lot. There is still no throttling available but in the forums you can find software that will throttle applications, so that is a workaround. I did not try this.


If I really store here terabytes of data I will have to find some conventions on how to recognize what is what and how to find my stuff. For now I have one infinite drive where I label everything I want to backup on an extra drive with “_”, and all the folders which are just backups don’t get that prefix. simple (because I will have to explain this also in my household).

There is also a lot I don’t want to store on this external cloud drive. Everything that falls under more or less secure will remain on my home nas, encrypted.


Although it suits me I don’t know If I can advise it at this stage to you. If you want to use mirroring and so on you might encounter very slow speeds. The support forums on Bitcasa are also full of not so happy people who have been unable to contact support. So… at this stage: if you need infinite storage and are looking for a place to offload gigantic backups from your machines / NAS then it’s the cheapest you can get. If you really want to use all functionality like mirroring or even running applications from the drive, speeds might be too slow at this stage. However, for me, I understand that it’s a company growing, I think they still have to solve some core problems but while they do that … I offload some terabytes on my drive :)

If you run a small company, I would wait until it matures somewhat more, still head for dropbox, skydrive, sugarsync, etc… for mature syncing tools. The privacy/security measures also still have some holes e.g. deletions of older versions still  seems to be impossible and there is a slight chance that “too good to be true” will become reality.

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