Bitcasa part IV: lost 4 TrueCrypt Images

So… further experiences with Bitcasa….

I lost 4 files yesterday:

  • I made four TrueCrypt file containers (Standard so not hidden) (AES)(250Mb each) (my TrueCrypt history even has the filenames and locations) One of the files is e.g.:  I:\bitcase\_blabla.example

I worked in these containers: edited files and even sftpd from them.

Unfortunately 2/3 days later … these 4 containers are nowhere to be seen now and even in the version history of Bitcasa (which is nice) they are nowhere to be seen.


So… to re-test if there is a problem with TrueCrypt containers…. I have created another one today:


I won’t touch it…. let’s see if it is there after some days or if it dissapears by itself somehow. I have mounted it and put some files in there:


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2 thoughts on “Bitcasa part IV: lost 4 TrueCrypt Images

  1. What happened to your new truecrypt test container?

  2. Hi there,

    I also want to do something different (truecrypt containers in bitcasa). Is there anything new information on this?