Experience the LOST widget!

I just installed the LOST widget on my desktop. Every 108 minutes I HAVE to  type the numbers 4 8 15 16 23 42 or else….


I think none of the other Yahoo Widgets are useful for me. I have blogged about it and its predecessor the past many years but noticed I always delete it from my system after a while.

The only widget that I DO use (and then have to reinstall the Yahoo Widgets engine again) is the clock: I make it transparent and on top of any other windows. When I then give courses or presentations, I have the clock on top of the screen, which is a great way to check the time while talking in front of a classroom of students (instead of watching eyes slowly closing).

p.s. the LOST widget will disturb your presentations since it will bring the monitor to the front when 4 minutes remain, but luckily you can turn it off in the settings. You can even define the action that should happen when you do not enter the sequence in time.

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