Firefox redirects to wysiwyg page

Suddenly i had the problem that Firefox redirected sometimes to a wysiwyg:// page. It seems to be some caching problem and with some users it dissapeared by changing DNS servers. It’s strange, have not seen it before:


not solved yet…

update: found it! I enabled disqus on the site I experiened it on. After I disabled the WordPress plugin, it no longer appeared the be the case. Which means: any website out there using disqus could probably do the same thing. (or… any website using the same caching trick).

So let’s see if there is something about this on the disqus website. Hmmm.. nothing. But, I think it is this setting:


it probably pre-processes the links on my page and the redirects to that page.

I have turned the option off and the problem seems to be disappeared.

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