: Category killer premium TLD with MASSIVE opportunities

Premium Domain Name

  • Easy To Remember
  • Easy To Spell
  • Easy To Use On Advertisement
  • Good Name To Start Business Or Protect Your Business
  • Limited One Word Domain Names Available In The World
  • Single Dictionary Word “Manager”
  • Easily Pronounced!!
  • Enterprise Valued

Category killer premium TLD with MASSIVE opportunities in multiple genres.

THE Premium Domain for Enterprise solutions

This is a great domain for Configuration Management (CM), Certificied Manager (CM), Content Manager (CM), Community Manager (CM), Change Management (CM) AND SO ON… more than 250.000.000 results on Google: ENTERPRISE software products, certifications, trainings, books, communities, companies, consulting and so on.

There are millions of searches on the Internet for exactly this: go to linkedin now and search for 50.000+ profiles matching “cm manager” !

If you are working around processes like agile, CMMI, ITIL or RUP your eyes will probably begin to shine. If you are doing SEO: better than this it won’t get.

This is the key domain for e.g. a software configuration management solution like RTC, ClearCase, Subversion, Git, Mercurial and many other. This is the key domain for CMMI and ITIL Configuration Management and Change Management practices. this is they key domain for Certified Managers (CM).

Enterprise Value is currently on sale for 50.000 EURO … and MANAGER.CM is even greater due to the CM which really describes the kind of category. (I’m sure Google will also love this as extra keyword). You will find more than 200.000.000 listings in Google when you search for this and THIS … is the one and only domain on the Internet which has ALL the components for any of the enterprise products named “CM manager” (IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, Configuration Management Vendors) or many Certified Manager (CM) education institutions let alone the job searches for CM manager roles.


Probably one the greatest domain names you can own in ITC currently with lots of ties to the top N Enterprise Software Products of most vendors.


All fees to flippa and escrow will be paid by us.

Link to Auction:


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