WON Zone – 5 august 1999 (103)

August 5, 1999

1. WarBlossom green sa [295] [reported loss]
2. ErikTheKingJr red ind afr [188] [reported loss]
3. Edelwater blue ind asia
4. Vlaydimir black [unranked] [did not report loss]

Erik took indonesia. I collected some armies in asia and reconquered indonesia to keep. Erik took africa. Warblossom took SA. Vlay just went for some kills in europe and NA. i took Asia to keep. Warblossom was busy trying to kill black in NA and Erik didnt have enough armies to invade middleeast. Vlaydimir stupidtly invaded Erik in africa which made it easy to clear Erik the next round and then drive myself into south america. Next turn took out Warblossom in NA and killed black next round. Note: Vlay prob. not on ladder he hadnt spoken a word all game.

ROMMEL27 LEFT!! Zone – 3 august 1999 (96)

August 3, 1999

1. rommel27 red [113]
2. aviator_99 black afr [257]
3. edelwater blue ind [101]

Here’s the letter i send to cases about this game. I know you are curious about the results so i will post them hereafter as soon as i get an answer.

firehand@home.com , jmcconnell@attcanada.net, jacole99@hotmail.com

Dear firehand,

I’m writing about a dispute.

game: rommel27 (red), aviator_99 (black) and edelwater (blue)
4 august 1999

It all started very friendly. I took indonesia+australia etc…Right there
rommel asked if bot wins then nobody wins. I said Y. Then he stated
that he would hold me right there in that continent until the bot would
win. That is tabletalk i guess (and also a pretty useless strategy by
the way i think). He kept on trying to invade indonesia and also
stated “i got a set and you know who im coming for” (i thought
it was blind play and that clearly IS tabletalk). At one point i
called him my red fever cause the only thing he did all game was
trying to invade indonesia. So i killed him completely. Right after
that i was glad so i said “antidote has worked, now i have a new
fever the green fever”. That is because at that point the bot had
taken NA+SA+EUR and strongly too while i only had 1′s. The bot
would have clearly won i guess. I feel that he was mad because
he was killed because right AFTER he was killed i stated to try to
stop green now he said ‘thats tabletalk and i will quit’….and he quit ???

Like wolfe said (see hereunder) :
if it froze on red because rommel left then report him even tabletalk is no
reason to leave a game. Rules are very clear aboput leaving a game on

One of the reasons i wrote is also that he did this before to Aviator99. So
does not stand on itself.

I accuse him of tabletalk and leaving the game which left no winner at all
ruined the game for us.

I feel he should at least report 2 both us.

I would like your opinion if it’s possible

(A copy has also been posted on http://come.to/risk )


rommel27> u cant collaborate u know that
Aviator_99> get real we didnt collaborate
edelwater> rommel im gonna report u now
Aviator_99> u lost and u were pissed
rommel27> what was that then?
edelwater> u were stupid constantly trying to invade indonesia
Aviator_99> he said to focus on bot
edelwater> back then u talked about stopping me to let green win
Aviator_99> i had nothing to do with blu all game
edelwater> THATS talk about game and strategie
Aviator_99> you could see screen
rommel27> report me i have copy of chat for prove
edelwater> either report 2 both of us
Aviator_99> you knew darn well what i was doing
edelwater> or be reported
Aviator_99> you could see
rommel27> well lets see if igl.net agrrees ok
edelwater> ok i mail now then
Aviator_99> youve done this to me before
Aviator_99> no report
Aviator_99> and that game was on the up
Aviator_99> you crashed out
Wolfe777> was there a winner?
edelwater> there was nothing done against rules rommel
rommel27> u cant collaborate and u know it your just lucky i dont report it
edelwater> i’ll email u a copie of my mail anyway
rommel27> ok fine then ill report this
Aviator_99> get real
Aviator_99> it was just off the cuff like the rmarks you were making
Wolfe777> edelwater. THATS talk about game and strategie u can’ do
Aviator_99> like u said i got a set and you know who im coming for
Aviator_99> it WAS BLIND
rommel27> i told him he doesnt believe me
Aviator_99> i didnt say thats talk and leave first
Aviator_99> how bout that?
Wolfe777> table talk is not legal
rommel27> thank u
edelwater> agree from start then wolfe:
edelwater> right at the start rommel asked:
Wolfe777> unless agreed upon before the start of game
edelwater> if bot wins noone wins, i said yes
rommel27> edlewater up to u do we report this or not?
edelwater> then he said: ill keep on stopping u until bot wins
edelwater> i called him my red fever
Wolfe777> if a bot won then there is no report
Aviator_99> no i was strong
edelwater> he kept on trying to invade indonesia
Aviator_99> i got screwed
edelwater> although it was no use
edelwater> at the end i just killed him in asia where he was left
edelwater> right after that he was silent
edelwater> and i said well now i have another fever : the green fever
edelwater> green had NA+SA+EUR
rommel27> thats not the point no table talk thats my point
edelwater> and ready to invade me in asia, bot was very strong
edelwater> thats it
edelwater> nothing else
edelwater> i feel he is just pissed
Aviator_99> geez i dont care and i was strong
Aviator_99> hes protecting his rec
Wolfe777> better each write a full report to cases ladder ops and let them
edelwater> rommel when u explained your strategy : stopping me at all costs
edelwater> until the end of game
edelwater> in front of black
Wolfe777> list all that happened and try to be complete and brief
edelwater> so he new i was weak when we would be fighting
edelwater> that is table talk
Aviator_99> i m just going to forget it lifes too short
edelwater> and certainly against blind rules
rommel27> i have to go hurry up and decide report or not?
edelwater> i will
rommel27> report or not edelwater?
Wolfe777> define table talk in your game to them as it happened
Harold_1> anyone want to play?
Aviator_99> just let it go, it was my win anyway
Wolfe777> sometimes it is not table talk
Wolfe777> i don’t know
Wolfe777> as i was not theree
Wolfe777> btw was there a winner? or a draw
edelwater> bot would prob have won
Aviator_99> all i know it was all good fun and friendly then bam!!
Aviator_99> hostile
edelwater> agree it was a fun game then right in the middle he left beacause
he was killed
edelwater> AND he did it before to Aviator
(Exit)> rommel27
Wolfe777> no winner then no report
(Enter)> TOY6
Aviator_99> what can u do
Wolfe777> unless he left game
edelwater> he left game
Wolfe777> then you can report him for lllleaving game
Aviator_99> i have a good name, i dont want it sullied
scottodoud> u talkin about me?
edelwater> im busy writing firehand
Aviator_99> no scott
scottodoud> k
Aviator_99> rommel kinda messed us up
edelwater> lol
Wolfe777> hope you guys work it out.
Aviator_99> im ok with it, im new and i want to keeo friendly with everyone
SniperTeam3> up for a game?
Aviator_99> it froze on red
edelwater> no about rommel
(Wolfe777> if it froze on red because rommel left then report him even
tabletalk is no reason to leave a game. Rules are very clear aboput leaving
a game on purpose.
nascjay1> out of the blue wolfe speaks the truth
SniperTeam3> lol
Aviator_99> interesting

====== END OF LOG =====

And here’s the letter Aviator_99 send :


i felt i should drop a note to you regarding our game Aug 4, 1999

Rommell and Edelwater all game were attacking each other back and forth,
meanwhile i had control of Africa and continued to re-enforce, not to there

Eventually Edel got stronger, bot looked strong to them, he had sa, and
probably looked like he had more to them, it was blind.

Then Rommel says that he should watch out he has a set and he will destroy
Edel so that bot will win and itll be a draw. I thought Edel would be
upset, afterall it was blind.

They continued to dicker, light-heartly with each other, which of course ws
fine with me, neither one of them ever attacked me all game, i just quietly
got stronger.

i was getting ready to get into sa (i had a 28) on the bordor, when edel
finally defeated rommell, there was ‘gg’ comments all around. Rommell
believed bot would win easy edel had pretty much all 1s by now but
controlled about 16 terr.

It was my turn, i was attacking sa. Edel said ‘we have a new scourge now’
or something like that, saying we had a strong enemy, seemed fairly obvious
to me, i could only see 1 piece of edel on the whole map (a 1 in middle
east). So I said ‘yup’ again fairly obvious, ‘im taking him in sa’ Again
obvious, cause i was attacking there, and only me, edel and bot left, edel
knew i wasnt attacking him.

Suddenly Rommel, (this all happened 15 sec after his death) says hey no
table talk no collaborating. I said, ‘hey its those statement werent’t
table talk its obvious’ he says ‘thats cheating do it again im leaving’ i
said no its not but fine, no talking at all now, k?

I didnt want him to leave since i felt i could win, fairly easily, now i had
sa, afr (with a 28,15,10), a piece of eur, and i was going to go one more
into na in my next move that turn, then it froze, he was gone.

To summarize i feel he was shocked i was so strong, he couldnt see me
previously, neither could edel. He was looking for an out, the statements
were harmless, and it was a very light-hearted chatty game until then.

Back at the lobby edel and rommel where going at it pretty good, i started
to interjecxt in their conversation, then said forget it, and eventually
just said, i just wont play rommel again.

I should have known better than to play him, when i first started ladder i
played him, he was unranked, anf he didnt report me, i didnt know how to
complain so i didnt.

Yours truly
Jason Cole

P.s. in the previous game this morning with him, we started with 6 players,
2 bots. The game started, we took our turns, then he said he didnt like
bots and he was going back, i didnt like that either i was in decent shape,
he looked in bad position, didnt say anything, because its 9:30 in the
morning, and its hard to get a game going, so we went back and started
again. I believe the other player was scottodoud, if youd like to ask him
about that/

3 bad experiences with him in a row

Ipersonally will never play him again, i feel he is just not a reputable

Thanks for your time

WON Zone – 3 august 1999 (96)

August 3, 1999

1. sniperteam3 green eur [30]
2. eternity4 red ind [355]
3. edelwater blue sa+na

took sa from start put 15 in africa and then worked my way up na. meanwhile eternity conquered ind and started conq asia. sniper was caught in the middle in europe. As soon as i had sa+na sniper conceded and attacked eternity to speed it up :). indeed next turn 26 in na next to asia and 15+15 to conquer eur (already conq africa). Wauzers thanx 2 sniper im more than 100 point up the ladder :)

FROOZE Zone – 3 august 1999 (209)

August 3, 1999

1. metske black
2. edelwater blue AFR+SA+EUR
3. TAYGAN3 red
4. aaircastle green IND

Damn i had 3 continents well defended. mets only 18 left on japan and na divided by green and red. Would have easily won next round. Then in aaircastle’s turn the game hung (no response whatsoever so i assume).

WON Zone – 3 august 1999 (209)

August 3, 1999

1. metske black afr (201) [reported loss]
2. edelwater blue ind
3. bot green
4. bot red

met and i struggled for ind. i got it. he took sa and na. at that time i had asia. we kept on struggling via asia<>na invading each other. metz killed green bot in europe. at the end i invaded na totally and red bot invaded sa killing metz. then it was just spreading myself around the globe and i won. Somehow i think that when playing with 2 and 2 bots, indonesia is the thing you have to have 2 win. you can easily defend it while the other one keeps getting fights with the bots. you can then easily build in asia and put some 25′s in middeleast and eastern europe, which leaves invasion from na open, but because the bots also push on your adversery he will die at the end.

LOST Zone – 3 august 1999 (217)

August 3, 1999

1. metske black afr (201)
2. edelwater blue ind
3. missdeeva yellow na (171) [ reported loss ]
4. bot red

Interesting game. I got ind and mets africa right in the beginning. Miss went for na but also conquered lots of 1′s in Asia. i killed bot. miss killed mets. Miss had so many territories and i just 15 in na, 9 in eur to stop for her getting a continent. At the end the amount of territories she owned (although no total continent and almost all filled with 1′s) weight against my indonesia. tried to go for sa at the end also. Interesting strategy miss had! just go for territories instead of concentrating them.

09 may 1999

May 9, 1999

Hey Edelwater where are u ? (& other questions)
I’m finishing my thesis now, i promised myself not to play risk until it was finished which should be end of may ! But THEN i’ll go for number one :)
cya !

LOST Zone – 17 april (142)

April 17, 1999

1. KeithX blue SA->NA 53 [reported loss]
2. crimedog_1 black ->SA 141
3. DDrewz green IND->ASIA 99
4. edelwater red AFR->IND

Long interesting game. Had to take Africa, keith took SA, ddrewz IND. For me it was the whole game trying to keep green from getting Asia (middle east u know it). In the meanwhile keith conquered NA, so at that point i knew he’d won. I invaded SA and crimedog followed after me. He kept it 2 rounds but then keith conquered europe . I took Indonesia (partly in revenge hehe) but at that point blue conquered total green+world so i took the 2 black armies left and surrendered.

LOST Zone – 10 april (112)

April 10, 1999

1. EBJ1 IND 21 [reported loss]
2. edelwater SA
3. bot1
4. bot2

Rematch. EBJ took ind i sa. ebj took part of europe and asia, bots figting in africa and na. bot invaded me from afr into sa. done. ebj took asia, europe and invaded afr etc… lost. nice game.