Results from my DNA tests: a proud R1B aka Cro-Magnon

Jippie! Today the results were posted for me, actually lots of stuff, and i dont think i will share everything, since i got no clue what you could do with it. BUT i can tell you : im a member of the haplogroup R1b, traced back to Y chromosome marker M168. In other words a descendant of the Cro-Magnons. (My forefather was probably the nerd who did this, since there were no computers yet :)).

Here you can see where my manly forefathers travelled the past 60.000 years:
(Please see below for a description of the timescales and description)

It’s weird but i don’t see any Indonesian influence, maybe this is because they were females and it takes the Y chromosome only for males. (The grandfather of my grandfather, Laurent Joseph (1799-1863) went to Indonesie from the Netherlands and married my chinese-indonesian grandgrandmother, Celine Elisa Christina (Tjan Kiem Siok Nio) ; their son Emile-Constant (1843-1923) married the indonesian woman Soekijem; their son (my greatgrandfather) Auguste Victor (1899-1962) married the indonesian woman Toembari (my greatgrandmother), so it´s weird that i dont see 4 generations of female Indonesian influence, but apparently the Y chromosom is looked into only for men.

Of the following im wondering if people could do bad things with it if i post them here?? Anway here is my complete DNA profile, lol im the only person on earth posting his DNA Profile on the Internet…

(You can click the picture above to enlarge it).

I will walk through them (see picture), but before this : “DYS” stands for DNA, Y-chromosome and Segment. And the markers well uh.. that is explained here very well.

  • DYS385a – 12
    I am in the lower percentages on this one, but i dont know if these statistics are from Europe, found them here

  • DYS385b – 15
    I am in the lower percentages on this one, but i dont know if these statistics are from Europe, found them here

  • DYS388 – 13
    Again, 62% of the Europeans share my value of 13. Pretty Common, see also

  • DYS389-1 – 14
    This is a 2nd (in Europa), i have this one as well as 18% of the Europeans, but most have 13 (62%), obviously, the more you´ve got from DYS389-1 the higher your IQ :)

  • DYS389-2 – 16
    Uh… i´ve got a 16 on this one, but i see a very flat distrubution ranging from 26 to 34. This is a strange one, i will Google on this one, but i seems to be in the unique segment on my DYS392-2, i wonder what that is for? Probably my sportive talents LOL. I will look into this, to be continued. This is one is VERY weird!!. Ofcourse it could be a wrong outcome of the test.
    AHA! After some Googling i find out that 389-2 is the total length while 389-1 is a part (or something like that) so probably it is converted in the graph as 14+16=30. Which is exactly what should be expected when looking at the deviation of 389-1. Bareuh…nothing special here, too bad.

  • DYS390 – 24
    Right on top, regular 24 like 40% of the Europeans and almost the rest of humanity, boring!

  • DYS391 – 11
    40% of the Europeans share my value of 11 on this, but it is not the most common: that is a value of 10 which is about 52%. In the graph i see “AMH” and “Dorsey/Kelley” on it, but i dont know what that means. I think it means a value of 11 is regarded the optimum value :)

  • DYS392 – 13
    13 seems to be “AMH” (whatever that means) anywayz pretty regular, 39% of the Europeans have the same value of 13.

  • DYS393 – 13 (ook wel DYS395)
    this is fairly normal for R1b signatures in Western-Europe. Only a small percentage (8%?) has 14 times the marker value (the “Border Reiver” descendants). DYS393 has the lowest mutation rate of the 12 main markers which indicate an haplotype. If you have 14 then you are more unusual and you can read here the backgrounds on it. So well… my DYS393-13 seems to pretty mainstream ;). At least 70% of the Europeans share my 13 value on DYS393. And so it seems the rest of the world has the number 13 as well as highest value, nothing special here.

  • DYS19 – 14 (ook wel DYS394),
    14 seems to be the most common, i was dreaming of being somewhat special but somehow i seem to be too common. 50% of the Europeans share my 14 value on DYS19. Apparently im no american indian since they seem to have mostly a value of 13 :). I wish i would have a 19 or something but nooo im just a regular 14 :(

  • DYS426 – 12
    I read on WikiPedia: ” If you have a value of “12” at DYS426 and DON’T have a value of “11” at DYS392 then you belong to haplogroup R1b.”, well uhm, thats me! R1B AND PROUD TO BE ONE! :)

  • DYS439 – 13 (aka GATA A4)
    12% of the people in this graph have “13” (3nd place), but i dont know what this graph is based on (world population?), i found it here.

(click here for some more statistics)

Ofcourse i entered my data as above on ybase:

But unfortunately there was noone (yet ;)) just like me, but when i choose “1 mismatch” i found 4 people. It says i should have at least 20 markers the same, but the list i got only has 11 :( Probably i have to do other DNA tests to get my other markers !!! :) :)

If you want this too you can order the Genographic kit from national geographic – genographic kit

The next question i got was if i wanted to participate in the familytreedna project, in which you get involved in a project of determining relationships with other people in the project based on your DNA. Since its inception, in April of 2000, Family Tree DNA has been associated with the Arizona Research Labs, led by Dr. Michael Hammer, one of the world’s leading authorities in the field of Genetics. Having other renowned scientists on its advisory board, Family Tree DNA is the world leader and only organization in the field of Genetic Genealogy that has been constantly developing the science that enables many genealogists around the world to advance their families research.

As i just have written some background on my family tree. The furthest i can go back is around 1500 (Nicolet Le Pinson). Ofcourse it would be cool to get a complete family tree based on DNA. So i have joined this project too.

Description of the timescales (see the atlas of the human journey) :

1 man met “M168″: 31.000 tot 79.000 jaar geleden. Van iedereen die niet in Afrika leeft de gemeenschappelijke voorvaders.

1 man met “M89″: Begint rond de 45.000 jaar geleden. 90% tot 95% van alle mensen buiten Afrika heeft deze gemeenschappelijke voorvaders.

1 man met “M9″: Rond 40.000 jaar geleden, die ergens in Iran woonde. De 30.000 jaar hierna populeerden zijn nakomelingen vrijwel de gehele planeet. Vrijwel alle mensen die in het noordelijke halfrond wonen stamt hiervan af.

35.000 jaar tot 40.000 jaar geleden was er een man op de steppen met de marker “M45″. De gemeenschappelijke voorouders van de meeste Europeanen en Noord-Amerikanen.

Rond 35.000 jaar geleden begonnen de eerste grote neerzettingen in Europa met de persoon “M173″.

De Cro-Magnons zijn de directe lijn naar mij (en waarschijnlijk jij) ! In principe de opvolger van M173 maar dan degenen die niet de marker M7 kregen.

Lees verder op the atlas of the human journey

5 thoughts on “Results from my DNA tests: a proud R1B aka Cro-Magnon

  1. Bwoaaah, gefeliciteerd met al deze informatie over jouw DNA. Wat kun je er mee ?
    Nada niksa…
    Ga je je zoon/dochter straks ook DNA afnemen ? :)

    Maar let op, zodadelijk behoor je tot de categorie die niet geschikt is voor een übermensch te worden, en word je opgepakt van wege inferieur genetisch materiaal die je op je website hebt geplaatst….. :)

  2. ga je eens met serieuzer zaken bezighouden: de aanstichter van de Hyves rage laat het lelijk afweten!

  3. I’m R1B (M343) also. Our sequences differ slightly, yours shows DYS388:13 and DYS390:24 while mine shows DYS388:12 and DYS390:23. But then my family is in the United States since before 1740.

    Yes, you would have to use the Mitochondrial DNA sequence for your female ancestors, or, better yet, have a sister do it. Though males can use either test, that would give her her own test. Women can use only the mitochonrdial test. Check the Genographic pages on that. It’s carefully worded.

  4. What a very good idea to let my sister run the test too, this would give the femal ancestors! Wow… i´m going to try that, thanks!