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update: I no longer have the time to update or support this plugin.

So.. the information here-under is kept for Internet archaeologists.


This StumbleUpon WordPress plugin:

1. Shows an indicator for all the links on your site (gray=not submitted, green=submitted) with numbers of reviews and pageviews the link has received.
2. Has a function you can include in your sidebar or under your posts to submit this permalink to SU, it includes an indication If it is already in SU AND how many reviews it had until now.

update: version 2.0 now has been rewritten in classes but… I temporarily removed the widget (see )


(the little icon next to the above link shows me that noone of you guys wrote a review on it, which proves the point of the need of this plugin, to gain some metrics :))



The first link has got 3 reviews, it has a green icon

The second link has got more than 10 reviews it has been marked a yellow icon: a top site. These are typically the sites that end up in permanent bookmark collections.

The last one is gray and is not in SU yet.

some insights / info

imageWhen you backscroll through your weblog, in my case my 8500 blogpostings. It gives a general feeling on the type of links you post.

This plugin is based on the feed on reviews from links. Which means that a site can have a zillion reviews but if it does not remain popular it will drop to a green “0” over time.

Some links are popular for a short time. They are hyped or incorrectly SEO-ed. For the first year the feed will contain a gazillion reviews. However after a year it disappears in the outcorners of the Internet. (red dotted line). This probably will walk parallel with the visitor amounts to the site (indicated by the black line).

For links many scenario’s over time are possible. Some will go “404”, others will renew themselves.

For your own blog it gives you information on the amount of hyped links you post and, when you read your archives in some years time or reflect on the past years, it will give you an indication of the quality of links you have posted.

how to install:

1. download the plugin
2. copy the complete directory in your plugin dir (so yes it does need to be in the stumbleupon-wordpress-plugin dir)
3. activate the plugin in WordPress
4. go to the admin panel and choose “show icon”, this will make the background icon visible. (else you will just see a number behind your urls) and just read what is written on there…
5. if you want to place a single icon + submit function e.g. sidebar for permalinks or under blogspostings use the function stumbleInfoButton. All the info is in the admin panel.
6. if you want to only have the active bookmark button: you can tick that option in the admin menu
7. if you want to use your own stylesheet and buttons: you can tick that in the admin menu

example of the code to include e.g. in your sidebar if you want to display single items:


example of su icons: see and just walk through my postings you should see about 16.000 of these kind of icons behind my links :)

example of sidebar icons: see and just look at the right hand side.

issues: please report issues here. If you want you can also join development in the project there by joining the project and use svn to update the sources. Since I’m currently the only developer there is currently no need for a roadmap etc..


what will be in next versions? a widget and ability to integrate you comments with the comments the permalink got on stumbleupon and the option to point to your own stylesheet.

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  3. Do you have any screenshots?

    Beauty Bunnys last blog post..Make Your Mom Feel Beautiful For Mother’s Day!

  4. Your script is exactly what I needed but there is a little problem in that when the post is not stumbled, the script returns "document.write('');
    Which generally does not lead anywhere on my site.

    I would also like to request a feature if possible. I’d prefer if the script had the option to return a plain number of text instead of an image with a number. The reason is that then I could integrate it better with the whole look of the sidebar and it is also more readable to have “3 reviews” instead of the icon which is a bit difficult to read. An option to return the number of positive votes as well would be cool as well.

    Thanks :)

    db0s last blog post..Atheist Nexus Brouhaha

  5. Ergh, sorry, code was eaten by comment filter. You can see the broken link in this page


  6. I have updated the second plugin : Now the first one and then I will update this page !

  7. StumbleUpon…

    This WordPress plugin displays behind every link on your website a stumbleupon icon, grey or colored as described above….

  8. hi. Thanks for plugin



  9. hi. Thanks for plugin



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  10. Ok. Version 0.7 now includes the 2 new icons, admin panel. Version 0.8 will have the single link icon with the plus sign, in a very short time … after that i will update this page :)

  11. Right, my first couple of issues. I tried to put the sidebar php call (since that’s the only thing I need) but it just would not show up. It turns out that I need to have either the icon or the text options activated for the direct call to work but unfortunately this means that I have to have the stumbleupon icon/text next to all links which is something I do not want. Can’t the direct call be modified so that it takes as a variable which of these two (icon or text) to use and then work even if both are turned off in the admin panel?

    The icons don’t look good in my dark background. You can see for yourself here

    And finally, I think your plugin should be in the normal directory in the zip by default. There’s no need to have it under a subdirectory in your /trunk only for the readme as this does not allow it to be installed with automatic plugin installation scripts (ie One Click Plugin Updater)

    db0s last blog post..The Reddit Community and Why It’s Useful for Freethinkers

  12. note to myself: The regular links and the top links are typically “view the reviews” but the grey one should be a “submit” link since there is nothing to view yet.

  13. db0: now looking into it.

    I have submitted your issues to
    You might want to follow progress there or add any additional issues etc…

    update 1: version 1.0 now resolves your 2 issues but I didnt get the auto-update one.
    update 2: version 1.1 now resolves the auto update one. Though since the main directory has changed it might break with previous auto-updates….which didnt work anyhow so what the heck.

  14. Hi,

    Thanks for plugin .I will try it in my website

  15. Hamza Jennings says:

    Hi, i can’t access the admin area (stubleinfo) of this plugin it says

    “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.”


  16. RE:“You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.”

    Also the directory/folder can not be modified or deleted via FTP.

    Does anyone know how to fix the permissions on these files?

  17. Yeah I know Doug+Hamza: I have to update the plugin with the new guidelines: register the variables being used. I did not have time for it yet, it was a matter of “i know” but in the hundreds of things it keeps shifting to a lower priority. I will see if i can update it tonight.

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  19. What the hell is the admin tab you are talking about? I have installed the plugin in the directory but have absolutely no clue where to go from here. I don’t have an admin directory.