The 10 commandments are a copy from chapter 125 in the Egyptian book of the dead

book of the dead

# Ever wondered where the 10 commandments came from?

It has been discovered that the 10 commandments are based on chapter 125 in the Egyptian book of the dead (Although Exodus 34 contains ten imperative statements, the passages in Exodus 20 and Deuteronomy 5 contain more than ten, totaling fourteen or fifteen in all.)

In that chapter the dead person has to appear before 42 judges and has to answer 42 questions.

“Hail to thee, great God, Lord of the Two Truths. I have come unto thee, my Lord, that thou mayest bring me to see thy beauty. I know thee, I know thy name, I know the names of the 42 Gods who are with thee in this broad hall of the Two Truths . . . Behold, I am come unto thee. I have brought thee truth; I have done away with sin for thee. I have not sinned against anyone. I have not mistreated people. I have not done evil instead of righteousness . . . I have not reviled the God. I have not laid violent hands on an orphan. I have not done what the God abominates . . . I have not killed; I have not turned anyone over to a killer. I have not caused anyone’s suffering . . . I have not copulated (illicitly); I have not been unchaste. I have not increased nor diminished the measure, I have not diminished the palm; I have not encroached upon the fields. I have not added to the balance weights; I have not tempered with the plumb bob of the balance. I have not taken milk from a child’s mouth; I have not driven small cattle from their herbage… I have not stopped (the flow of) water in its seasons; I have not built a dam against flowing water. I have not quenched a fire in its time . . . I have not kept cattle away from the God’s property. I have not blocked the God at his processions. “

# Other FACTS:

– the Book of the Dead originates at least from 2600 BCE with many versions following. They contain instructions for life after death, a sort of manual. The Hebrew version (10 commandments) originates also IN Egypt (1490 BCE Hebrew exodus from Egypt).
– the main difference is that the Hebrew version is shorter, the 42 gods are replaced by 1 god and the sabbath has been added. This version has been passed on to the Christain community totally disregarding the fact that they took a selective chapter out of the book of death. It is a good management summary for a small set of people endulged in a thousands of year old civilization.

– another difference is that the Book of Dead was not something static, it could change as society changed, the advanced Egyptians recognized the concept of “change” and that times change, which got lost with the simple “fixed writing and never change it” summary version.

# Why was the chapter created? / Why did they think one would be judged?

The reason the Egyptians thought a person would be judged after death:

Their medics found out that a person’s heart gets heavier as one grows older. Their ancient hypothesis was, that this was caused by the addition of accumulated “sins” (5000 years ago probably a good hypothesis, now not any more unless you are a religious person).

That’s why the Book of dead  describes the step of Osirus “weighing” the heart, to check if the amount of sins does no go over a certain critical level. So in chapter 125 there is an extra test where 42 judges/gods are asking the deceased the questions as above.

p.s. We now know that one’s heart does not get heavier because of accumulated sins…
p.p.s. “Unbelievable” that millions of people believe in these bible fairy tales without checking sources, it’s time the truth prevails and educate people. The truth is out there.

# But what about that soul?

It is actually the same story. The Egyptians had a very extensive explanation of the soul. It was split up in parts like the ib (heart), sheut (shadow) , ren (name), ba (individual personality), ka (life force), akh (effective one) but like the 10 commandments it was garbled into a something that basically is not understandable anymore by anyone.  It is also basically skipped in the bible (read and see that basically every little different group of Christians have another idea of the soul, some say it is one with the body (following the line in Genesis) others believe it is mortal, others a life force. Weird? No! Because the original concept got mixed up.


And… since the mad/god/spirit (same confusing story) Jesus died to be sacrificed for followers to enter the heaven it’s weird isn’t it? That the single central concept of this whole religion, “the soul” … is not clear…

# So what about the stones, the word of God where the 10 commandments were carved in?

In ancient Egyptian times “hieroglyphs” was their writing, which they did on stones. This was perceived as some kind of magic, since not many people understood the art of writing (no weblogs back then). Another word for these “hieroglyphs” is “the word of God”. The hebrew people took parts of the influential culture and mixed it up to have the copy of chapter 125 being carved in stone, hence “the word of god” bringing “the copy of chapter 125 / 10 commandments”. See:

# are there more influences from Egyptian beliefs and writings into the old testaments

Yes it’s full of it. Sometimes even with the literal sentences, sometimes with the original sentences totally disformed. But ofcourse even older texts or of other civilizations around the Greek. Remember that a 3000 year old civilization was around longer than anything we see currently in our world. It was all dominant.

# so where does that leave the old testament?

You better start believing in Osirus and start reading the original Egyptian texts to understand the complete picture.

In the stone ages people believed that when they ate someone that they would get their “powers”. Which is what you see around the world in primitive religions. All primitive stone age religions basically are concerned with “sacrifice” (

When, 6000 years ago, people around the Nile, the Nilotecs. see , slowly started “civilization”:

Groups transformed the literally eating of mother, fathers and all kind of interesting people into “virtual sacrificing a God to gain immortality” (ergo Osiris). See Osiris. (2400 year before JC was born).

Now… what is the only single thing that distinquished JC from becoming a Jewish sect instead of regular Jewish? “to sacrifice a God to gain immortality”. All the rest… like discarding of Jewish rituals and practices only happened much later.

This was the central concept “to sacrifice a God to gain immortality” (eat my flesh, drink my blood, where do you think that comes from : primitive Stone Age believe in sacrifice …!) (I hope that one day we will leave the stone ages).

# Why in the hell do I not know this? Why does not everyone accept this?

When you are in a group of 20 people, write down a story, then whisper the story in someone’s ear. This person then whispers the story to the next person and so on. Then… the 20th person has to say out loud what story he received. It will be short, wrong and will be missing the central key message! Now add 3500 years of generations to this same concept, lots of burning of books etc… and there you have your answer. However, the past 10,15 years some new great invention arose: the Internet, and though it just is beginning to get effect on cultures it has the advantage of showing the original “whispered stories” to everyone who is intelligent enough to read and understand what has been happening the past 3500 years around the subject “old testament”.

# But where did the original believers in Osirus, the book of death etc.. go?

The thousands of years old religions were labeled as “paganism” by Christians after the death of Constantine.  What then happened is pretty gruesome. It could well be that your forefathers were “converted” so read what happened back then.

the ten commandments and the book of dead by Ahmed Osman, British Egyptologist
the possible origin of the ten commandments
egyptian and old testament scriptures correspondences, with some more comparisons and goed jatwerk

Here is the complete text for those of you who do not want to Google for it and as you can read they were much more down to earth and much more stated e.g. not only not to kill but also to have given order not to kill and “not to cause pain” which is much more essential. I have made some orange lines next to it as an update to one of the comments on this post.

Ah well… chapter 125:

[The dead will say:] Homage to you, Great God, the Lord of the double Ma’at (Truth)! You shall have no other gods before me.
I have come to you, my Lord,
I have brought myself here to behold your beauties.
I know you, and I know your name,
And I know the names of the two and forty gods,
Who live with you in the Hall of the Two Truths, 1
Who imprison the sinners, and feed upon their blood,
On the day when the lives of men are judged in the presence of Osiris. 2
In truth, you are “The Twin Sisters with Two Eyes,” 3 and “The Daughters of the Two Truths.”
In truth, I now come to you, and I have brought Maat to you,
And I have destroyed wickedness for you.
I have committed no evil upon men.
I have not oppressed the members of my family.
I have not wrought evil in the place of right and truth.

I have had no knowledge of useless men.
I have brought about no evil.
I did not rise in the morning and expect more than was due to me.
I have not brought my name forward to be praised.
You shall have no other gods before me.
I have not oppressed servants.
I have not scorned any god.
You shall have no other gods before me.
I have not defrauded the poor of their property. “Neither shall you steal.”
I have not done what the gods abominate. You shall have no other gods before me.
I have not cause harm to be done to a servant by his master.
I have not caused pain.
I have caused no man to hunger.
I have made no one weep.
I have not killed.
“(Roman Catholic) You shall not kill / (Lutheran) You shall not murder”
I have not given the order to kill. (Roman Catholic) You shall not kill / (Lutheran) You shall not murder” (but smarter)
I have not inflicted pain on anyone.
I have not stolen the drink left for the gods in the temples.
“Neither shall you steal.”
I have not stolen the cakes left for the gods in the temples. “Neither shall you steal.”
I have not stolen the cakes left for the dead in the temples. “Neither shall you steal.”
I have not fornicated.
I have not polluted myself.
I have not diminished the bushel when I’ve sold it.
“Neither shall you steal.”
I have not added to or stolen land. “Neither shall you steal.”
I have not encroached on the land of others. “Neither shall you steal.”
I have not added weights to the scales to cheat buyers. “Neither shall you steal.”
I have not misread the scales to cheat buyers. “Neither shall you steal.”
I have not stolen milk from the mouths of children. “Neither shall you steal.”
I have not driven cattle from their pastures. “Neither shall you steal.”
I have not captured the birds of the preserves of the gods. “Neither shall you steal.”
I have not caught fish with bait made of like fish.
I have not held back the water when it should flow.
I have not diverted the running water in a canal.
I have not put out a fire when it should burn.
I have not violated the times when meat should be offered to the gods.
I have not driven off the cattle from the property of the gods.
I have not stopped a god in his procession through the temple, 4

I am pure.
I am pure.
I am pure.
I am pure.
My purity is the purity the great Bennu (heron) in Heracleopolis. 5
Behold, I am the nose of the God of Breath, 6 who gives life to the people,
On the day of completing the Eye of Ra 7 in Heliopolis, 8
On the last day of the second month of winter,
In the presence of the pharaoh of this land.
I have seen the the Eye of Horus when it was full in Heliopolis!
Therefore, let no evil befall me in this land
In this Hall of the Two Truths,
Because I know the names of all the gods within it,
And all the followers of the great God.

The negative confession and the naming of the forty-two gods
Hail, Long-Strider who comes from Heliopolis, I have not done iniquity.
Hail, Embraced-by Fire who comes from Kher-aha, I have not robbed with violence.
Hail, Divine-Nose who comes from Khemmenu, I have not done violence to another man.
Hail, Shade-Eater who comes from the caverns which produce the Nile, I have not committed theft.
Hail, Neha-hau who comes from Re-stau, I have not killed man or woman.
Hail, double Lion God who comes from heaven, I have not lightened the bushel.
Hail, Flint-Eyes who comes from Sekhem, I have not acted deceitfully.
Hail, Flame who comes backwards, I have not stolen what belongs to the gods.
Hail, Bone-Crusher who comes from Heracleopolis, I have not lied.
Hail, Flame-Grower who comes from Memphis, I have not carried away food.
Hail, Qerti 9 who comes from the west, I have not uttered evil words.
Hail, Shining-Tooth who comes from Ta-She, I have attacked no man.
Hail, Blood-Consumer who comes from the house of slaughter, I have not slaughtered sacred cattle.
Hail, Entrail-Consumer who comes from the mabet chamber, I have not cheated. “Neither shall you commit adultery.”
Hail, God of Maat who comes from the city of twin Maati, 10 I have not laid waste lands which have been ploughed.
Hail, Backward-Walker who comes from Bubastis, I have not pried mischievously into others’ affairs.
Hail, Aati who comes from Heliopolis, I have not foolishly set my mouth in motion against another man.
Hail, doubly evil who comes from Ati, I have not given way to wrath without cause.
Hail, serpent Amenti who comes from the house of slaughter, I have not defiled the wife of a man. “Neither shall you commit adultery.”
Hail, you who look at what is brought to you who comes from the Temple of Amsu, I have not pollluted myself.
Hail, Chief of the Princes who comes from Nehatu, I have not terrified any man.
Hail, Destroyer who comes from the Lake of Kaui, I have not trespassed sacred grounds.
Hail, Speech-Orderer who comes from the Urit, I have not been angry.
Hail, Child who comes from the Lake of Heqat, I have not made myself deaf to Maat. 11
Hail, Disposer-of-Speech who comes from Unes, I have not stirred up strife.
Hail, Basti who comes from the Secret City, I have made no one to weep.
Hail, Backwards-Face who comes from the Dwelling, I have committed no acts of impurity nor have I had sexual intercourse with a man. (!!)
Hail, Leg-of-Fire who comes from the Akheku, I have not eaten my heart. 12
Hail, Kenemti who comes from Kenemet, I have not abused anyone.
Hail, Offering-Bringer who comes from Sais, I have not acted with violence.
Hail, Lord-of-Faces who comes from Tchefet, I have not judged hastily.
Hail, Giver-of-Knowledge who comes from Unth, I have not taken vengeance on a god.
Hail, Lord-of-Two-Horns who comes from Satiu, I have not spoken too much.
Hail, Nefer-Tem who comes from Memphis, I have not acted with deceit nor have I performed wickedness. “Neither shall you bear false witness against your neighbor.”
Hail, Tem-Sep who comes from Tattu, I have not cursed the king.
Hail, Heart-Laborer who comes from Tebti, I have not polluted the water.
Hail, Ahi-of-the-water who comes from Nu, I have not been haughty.
Hail, Man-Commander, who comes from Sau, I have not cursed the god.
Hail, Neheb-nefert who comes from the Lake of Nefer, I have not been insolent.
Hail, Neheb-kau who comes from your city, I have not been sought distinctions.
Hail, Holy-Head who comes from your dwelling, I have not increased my wealth, except with such things as were mine. “Neither shall you steal.”
Hail, Arm-Bringer who comes from the the Underworld, I have not scorned the god of my city.

Address to the gods of the underworld
Hail, gods, who dwell in the house of the Two Truths. (Does this prayer sounds familiar?)
I know you and I know your names.
Let me not fall under your slaughter-knives,
And do not bring my wickedness to Osiris, 13 the god you serve.
Let no evil come to me from you.
Declare me right and true in the presence of Osiris,
Because I have done what is right and true in Egypt.
I have not cursed a god.
I have not suffered evil through the king who ruled my day.

Hail , gods who dwell in the Hall of the Two Truths,
Who have no evil in your bodies, who live upon maat ,
Who feed upon maat in the presence of Horus
Who lives within his divine disk. 14
Deliver me from the god Baba,
Who lives on the entrails of the mighty ones on the day of the great judgement.
Grant that I may come to you,
For I have committed no faults,
I have not sinned,
I have not done evil,
I have not lied,

Therefore let nothing evil happen to me.
I live on maat , and I feed on maat,
I have performed the commandments of me and the things pleasing to the gods,
I have made the god to be at peace with me,
I have acted according to his will.
I have given bread to the hungry man, and water to the thirsty man,
And clothes to the naked man, and a boat to the boatless.
I have made holy offerings to the gods,
and meals for the dead.
Deliver me, protect me, accuse me not in the presence of Osiris.
I am pure of mouth and pure of hands,
Therefore, let all who see me welcome me,
For I have heard the mighty word which the spiritual bodies spoke to the Cat,
In the House of Hapt-Re, the Open-Mouthed;
I gave testimony before the god Hra-f-ha-f, the Backwards-Face,
I have the branching out of the ished-tree in Re-stau. 15
I have offered prayers to the gods and I know their persons.
I have come and I have advanced to declare maat,
And to set the balance upon what supports it in the Underworld.
Hail, you who are exalted upon your standard, Lord of the Atefu crown,
Who name is “God of Breath”, deliver me from your divine messengers,
Who cause fearful deeds, and calamities,
Who are without coverings for their faces,
For I have done maat for the Lord of maat.
I have purified myself and my breast, my lower parts, with the things which make clean.
My inner parts have been in the Pool of maat.
I have been purified in the Pool of the south,
And I have rested in the northern city which is in the Field of the Grasshoppers, 16
Where the sacred sailors of Ra bathe at the second hour of the night and third hour of the day.
And the hearts of the gods are pleased after they have passed through it,
Whether by day or by night.

The first examination
They 17 say, “Come forward.
They say, “Who are you,”
They say, “What is your name?”
“I am the he who is equipped under the flowers, the-dweller-in-the-moringa 18 is my name.”
They say, “Where have you passed?”
“I have passed by the town north of the moringa.”
They say, “What did you see there?”
“The Leg and the Thigh.”
They say, “What then did you say to them?”
“Let me see rejoicings in the lands of the Fenkhu.” 19
“What did they give you?”
“A flame of fire and a tablet of crystal.”
“What did you do with them?”
“I buried them by the furrow of Maaty as things for the night.”
“What did you find there by the furrow of Maaty?”
“A scepter of flint, the name of which is “Giver of Breath.'”
“What did you do to the flame of fire and the tablet of crystal after you buried them?”
“I uttered words over them in the furrow, and I dug them up; I extinguished the fire, and I broke the tablet, and I threw it in the pool of Maaty.”
“Come, then, and enter in the door of this Hall of the Two Truths, for you know us.”

The second examination
“We will not let you enter in through us,” says the bolts of the door, “unless you
tell us our names.”
“‘Tongue-of-the-Balance-of-the-Place-of-Truth’ is your name.”
“I will not let you enter in by me,” says the right side of this door, “unless you tell me my name.”
“‘Valance-of-the-Support-of-Maat’ is your name.”
“I will not let you enter in by me,” says the left side of the door, “unless you tell me my name.”
“‘Balance-of-Wine’ is your name.”
“I will not let you pass over me,” says the threshold of this door, “unless you tell me my name.”
“‘Ox-of-God-Seb’ is your name.”
“I will not open for you,” says the fastening of this door, “unless you tell me my name.”
“‘Flesh-of-his-Mother’ is your name.”
“I will not open for you,” says the socket of the fastening of this door, “unless you tell me my name.”
“‘Living-Eye-of-the-Crocodile-God-Lord-of-Bakhau’ is your name.”
“I will not open for you, and I will not let you enter in by me,” says the guardian of this door, “unless you tell me my name.”
“‘Elbow-of-the-God-Shu-that-protecs-Osiris’ is your name.”
“We will not let you enter in by us,” say the posts of this door, “unless you tell us our name.”
“‘Children-of-the-Cobra-Goddess’ is your name.”
“You know us, therefore, pass by us.”

The third examination
“I will not let you tread upon me,” says the floor of this hall of the Two Truths,
“Because I am silent and I am holy and do not know the names of your two feet,
Therefore, tell me their names.”
“‘Traveller-of-the-God-Khas’ is the name of my right foot,
“‘Staff-of-the-Goddess-Hathor’ is the name of my left foot.”
“You know me, therefore pass over me.”
“I will not announce you,” says the guardian of this door of this Hall of the Two Truths, “unless you tell me my name.”
“‘Discerner-of-Hearts and Searcher-of-the-Reins’ is your name.”
“Now I will announce you, but who is the god that dwells in this hour?”
“The-Keeper-of-the-Record-of-the-Two-Lands.” 20
“Who then is The-Keeper-of-the-Record-of-the-Two-Lands?”
“It is Thoth.”

The fourth examination
“Come,” says Thoth, “why have you come?”
“I have come and I press forward so that I may be announced.”
“What now is your condition?”
“I am purified from evil things,
I am protected from the evil deeds of those who live in their days:
I am not among them.”
“Now I will announce you.
But who is he whose heaven is fire, whose walls are cobras, and whose floor is a stream of water?
Who is he, I say?”
“He is Osiris.”
“Come forward, then, you will be announced to him.
Your cakes will come from the Eye 21 of Ra, your beer from the Eye, your meals of the dead from the Eye.
This has been decreed for the Osiris the overseer of the house of the overseer of the seal, Nu, triumphant.”

This shall be said by the deceased after he has been cleaned and purified, and when he is arrayed in apparel, and is shod with white leather sandals, and his eyes have been painted with antimony, and his bodya has been anointed with oil, and when he offers oxen, and birds, and incense, and cakes, and beer, and garden herbs. Behold, you will draw a representation of this in color upon a new tile molded from earth upon which neither a pig nor other animals have stepped. And if you do this book on it, the deceased shall flourish, and his children shall flourish, and his name shall never fall into oblivion, and he shall be as one who fills the heart of the king and his princes. And bread, and cakes, and sweetmeats, and wine, and pieces of flesh shall be given to him upon the altar of the great god; and he shall not be turned back at any door in the Underworld, and he shall be brought in along with the kings of Upper and Lower Egypt, and he shall be in the train of Osiris, continually and forever.

Effective a million times.

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100 thoughts on “The 10 commandments are a copy from chapter 125 in the Egyptian book of the dead

  1. doesn’t quite seem like an exact translation.

  2. Piffle.

  3. Maybe you have a different version of the ten commandments than I do…

    1) You shall have no other gods before me.

    –Apparently you translate that as “besides those other 42.”

    2) Don’t make an idol (aka graven images).

    –I don’t see that anywhere.

    3) Don’t take the Lord’s name in vain.

    –I see some stuff about knowing names, but nothing about using them improperly.

    4) Keep the sabbath holy.

    –Nope, nothing there.

    5) Honor your father and mother.

    –We’re 0 for 5 now.

    6) Don’t murder.

    –There’s our first match…although it seems like it would kinda make sense that Egyptian culture would probably frown upon murder the same as Hebrews. This one kinda goes without saying.

    7) Don’t commit adultery.

    –Another one that probably is fairly common in many cultures.

    8) Don’t steal.

    –I don’t see this one directly in the Egyptian list, but it’s there indirectly. Another one though that probably would have been rather common sense in all cultures.

    9) Don’t bear false witness.

    –Matches up with some of the weights and measures stuff.

    10) Don’t covet your neighbor’s possessions.

    –I don’t see that one in there anywhere.

    To sum up, I see four matches: don’t kill, don’t steal, don’t lie, and be sexually pure. In my opinion, those are also the most obvious, common sense ideas that would have been considered the moral standard in most cultures. None of the other six commandments are reflected here at all, unless you’re really stretching the meanings of things to accommodate your theory. I suggest you try to avoid making crap like this up, or at least verify stuff you’re reposting that you borrowed from someone else, if you want to maintain some semblance of credibility.


    • joel joel joel….
      you are right… no WORD FOR WORD translations…
      best you read it again and discover the meanings and you will see 10 for 10…..
      christians made up some 300 pages of tripe and called it “bible”… plagerised the egyptians from thousands of years ago…
      read up on Constantine and what he did to unify europe (pagans and christians) under one god… he was able to convince the population that his new version of xtianity was both xtian and pagan..

      • Shano, shano,shano, I agree completely with Joel.

        ONE test for you: Show me the Sabbath commandment.

        • brian brian brian, you gotta stop treating the bible as factual… it’s a damn story… it’s NOT AN HISTORICAL DOCUMENT… it’s a farking story to get your $$$$$$….

        • One test for you…. show me ONE piece of EVIDENCE that ANY of the bibles are true.

          • Joel, there are over 57,000 manuscripts of major sections of the Bible. This doesn’t include the Dead Sea Scrolls. I’m going to have to agree with the other posters on this one. You have to check your facts before posting. Someone might mistake this for the truth instead of a made up fantasy.

          • Yes, monique, THIS is fantasy, right? As opposed to the unprovable rigmarole that those who blindly follow ANY religion believes. It’s time for the human race to grow up and start thinking for itself instead of acting like sheep and kowtowing to the grown up fairy tales and magic tricks inherent in the bible and other like texts. Clinging to Bronze Age ideas is, in a word, pathetic. You don’t still think the Earth is flat, do you?

        • If you took the time to READ the entire article, it makes mention of the point that the Sabbath commandment was added by the Hebrew translation. If you are going to show your bias, at least have the decency to read the entire text before asking a question like that.

      • No Christians did mot make up anything. This proves nothing. Abraham lived before this was written. Noah was before this writing. Just because the writting supposedly dates before does not mean it was not from Hebrew. How idiot are you the Hebrews lives in egypt. Egypt was influenced by the Hebrew culture since they were slaves in a foreign country. In order to inslave a person you have to give them what they hold as truth or you can not inslave them. Moses was Hebrew an egyption. He also was educated in both. He was also in line for the throne of egypt. Influences from his heritage would have went down in books.carbon dating is inaccurate. And there is no proof this was written before the torah.

        • “Egypt was influenced by the Hebrew culture”…. I think you need to go back to history class. The Hebrews stem from the Phoenicians as e.g. DNA research proves. Your “God” or the God Jesus believed in was Yahweh. Which in turn was just one of the Gods they believed in and was actually the God of War (in that pantheon were also e.g. Asherah and Baal). It is not even clear to me what Christians actually believe in other than one specific God out of thousands they believed in “Yahweh probably originated as a warrior-god in the region of Edom and Midian, south of Judah, and was introduced into the northern and central highlands by southern tribes such as the Kenites”.
          So… Egypt was not influenced by a Hebrew culture since there was no Hebrew culture 4000 BCE. Egypt grew from the Nilotec population which settled around the Nile and discovered agriculture and keeping stock which made them a civilization that lasted 4000 years. They also discovered writing on papyrus which was exported via Byblos to the rest of the world. So Byvlos was the export port of papyrus hence the meaning of the word “bible” (the book op papyrus). Yes even that word is Egyptian related, think of that every time you pick up one.

        • Nope not the christians they were not around in time of 10 commandments so the Jews did it, and it is even in the codes of Hamurabi and anyway it is not from a God on Horeb to a Moses if he at all existed which is very doubtfull let alone the whole Exodus story which is bogus ! Abraham and Noach did not exist either ! Hebrews got stuff from Egypt not the other way around, yep maybe some mixed things. Hebrews got their God from Egypt from Akhenaton’s ideas of monotheistic God. Moses did not exist was just a myth character representing the lawgiver concept. Genesis was written under Babylonian exile and not by Moses ! Do your homework please..

      • That would be the Hebrews or the Jews if you prefer, via the Torah.

      • He called you out dude.. Joel showcased logically 4 out of 10.. you responded with illogical religious rhetoric. Didn’t see that coming…………

    • the Thinker says:

      Have you ever studied the Ten Commandments? If so, then one can’t help but notice that the first four refer to Israel’s relationship with its God. Thus there would not be anything even remotely related to the Book of the Dead in those. Another thing: the Ten Commandments don’t have to be precise copies or translations from the Book of the Dead for the the influence of the earlier creation to be present. Incidentally, scholars have shown that the so-called “Law of Moses” to be nothing but a reworking of the Code of Hammurabi. There is nothing original — or inspired, for that matter — in the Bible.

    • kobuskanneman says:

      I agree, Joel. Especially when I remember the first words of the 10 commandments: “I’m the Lord your God, who delivered you out of the house of slavery, therefore you shall…….” Meaning, the commandments were describing a life in response to the gift of freedom. When I look at everything in the Book of the Dead, it’s the opposite – currying favor with the gods; much like the rich young man who wanted to know how he could inherit eternal life and told the Lord Jesus: “since my youth, I’ve done this and that..”

  4. Yes, it does seem to be worded in a “fancy way” much like the old testament is and other ancient writings, but doesn’t exactly match up in a way that would stand scrutiny. At best there are a few simularities, but to say the 10 commandments a direct rip off is quite a stetch of the imagination. I will wait for more clear evidence.

  5. I doubt that the 10 commandments is a “rip-off” of the older Egyptian piece – but can anyone here actually say that they are not large similarities?

    I think it would be accurate to say that the Hebrews “10 commandments” were influenced by many other “codes” and “laws” that predated it. Code of Hammurabi is similar in fashion as well. Basically I see it as evidence that people pretty much all agreed that you shouldnt do certain things, for obvious reasons.

    The 10 commandments is just a really short version of everyone elses codes at the time. Guess it was too hard to confine themselves to any more than that being stuck out in the desert all that time.

  6. yo yo homie yo says:

    you all are tripping, you know good and well every religion in the world is a spin off of the egyptian spirituality system, dont you think GOD(The ALL) wanted every culture and generation to be good people, the 10 commandments is a copy yeah so what but that generation needed to know stuff like that, maybe only 10 of the 42 of the 180 were necessary at that time. nowadays the 10 commandments are not even considered in everyday acitons.
    so whats the problem………knowledge of the origin of the 10 commandments will not make you condemmed…….use wisdom and understanding and you will come to find that you need more than just one religous book edited and rewritten and mistranslated by MAN.
    a majority of people dont even know how to read a bible.

  7. As an atheist, (Used to be Christian in Sweden when I was young and did not know better), who really want to beleive that the Egyptian comandments presented above is an exact replica of an original ancient text, I have to agree that it seams more likely that the Hebrews might have drawn inspiration directly from this text when forming their won religion. However if you include the delivery of the words, (stone carvings by good), and consider that the Hebrow text was written a 1000 or so years later, then you are looking at a rather interesting scenario where as you can draw some exact parallels.

    Point being, all aspects has to be considered before making a judgement, this goes both ways, did Jews and Christians draw inspiration from ancient tests when “creating” their religion, most likely!



    • In my uderstanding all religions have originated from others.
      Judaism is not the exception.
      Yes the 10 cmmands have their origen in the book f the deaths`, Theflood is found in the tablet of the Summerians
      If is true Moses wrote the Torah, we have to consider he was an educated man of his time, belong to te high class of Egypt, so he was teach their religin belives and belives of others of the time

  8. brittany wilson says:

    the 10 commandments that we follow today were made by emperor constantine in 325 a.d. to govern the relgion and the roman empire. the original 10 commandments by moses are documented by the egyptians, but most in America will never find proof of this documentation since Christians have long not known or find it hard to believe so. the detail history of your religion is very important , but most only know what has been written since Constantine, and not before then.

    • Moses lived from 1391–1271 BCE. The earlier pyramid text from which the book of Death evolved is from 2400-2300 BC (so much older).

      However, it does not stop there. The pyramid texts evolved from magical writings from Proto-Canaanite, a direct ancestor of biblical Hebrew: 3000 BC and earlier and mention writings against “snakes”.

      Which came from around Byblos, oldest city in the world (5000 BC) (pre-Phoenicians) and according to legend founded by Cronus: , identified with ‘El’ (God) but who was originally a Canaanite ruler who founded Byblos and was subsequently deified. This version gives his alternate name as Elus or Ilus, and states that in the 32nd year of his reign, he emasculated, slew and deified his father Epigeius or Autochthon “whom they afterwards called Uranus”.

      (According to Sanchuniathon who writes:

      “that the gods were originally human beings who came to be worshipped after their deaths and that the Phoenicians had taken what were originally names of their kings and applied them to elements of the cosmos (compare euhemerism) as well as also worshipping forces of nature and the sun, moon, and stars.”

      Behold the origin of Judaism: some of the oldest sections represent Yahweh as a member of a larger divine council of which El is the head; by the time of the Torah, written most probably around 700-450 BC, Yahweh reveals himself as the national deity to be worshipped alone, but without excluding the existence of other gods

  9. “Why do millions still believe this poppycock” (paraphrasing.)

    All you’ve presented evidence of is plagarism. Is not the question: “How can so many not see the simple logic in that statement?” That the westerners took the full knowledge of G-d, burned as much of the evidence as possible. (Like at the Great Library of Alexandria)

    Motive: Dumb us down to limit our powers with G-d and leverage us as slave-like ‘free people’.

    With full respect to all, there are those that have had hard evidence of something being ‘out there’.

    Something far greater than that which we know, through science or common sense, to be possible by man on this earth.

    • why do you leave the O out of the wor god?

    • D. Stevens, I believe your going in the right direction.All people groups have a moral code.that include at least a few of what we call the ’10 Commandments’. There is more to this existence than what we can see feel or taste.People who claim to be so brilliant that they believe only what science can prove right now are living in.denial. At one time they would not have believed in electricity. Today Theoretical Physics is commuting real close to discovering ‘god.’. The theories are amazing and strengthen my faith that man is not all their is in this amazing reality.

      • “At one time they would not have believed in electricity. Today Theoretical Physics is commuting real close to discovering ‘god.’”

        Actually…. it is the other way around. In the strict regime following christianity in Europe everyone not being in line with the bible was burned, staked or imprisoned. It took a real long time before slowly bit by bit parts were proven wrong. For each scienctific field and it’s corresponding philosophy wether it be biology, psychology, physics, medicical, math .. each of the dozens of scientific fields had their own struggles to break free of all of this.

        So… we just escaped from all of this through science not the other way around.

        I also find it curious that Christians are focussing on physics “big bang” and biology “evolution” while these fields are not even the field where it “is about” the field is , that is the scientific field dealing with all of this and whether dualism is true or not … not… physics or biology, they have nothing do with this.

  10. […] in Egypte met een civilizatie die langer bestaan heeft dan welke andere civilizatie dan ook. (zie… 3). (ook even naar beneden scrollen voor het onze vader […]

  11. […] original concepts around the soul, the afterlife, the judgements etc… got garbled in time (see here 3 to read chapter 125 of the book of […]

  12. I’ve always found the ten commandments in the Old Testament to be a bizarre combination. A few of them are basic ethics (don’t lie, don’t steal, don’t kill) and a few are monotheistic fundamentals (I’m god, remember the sabbath), it’s the choice of the others that seems odd to me. For instance:

    Honor thy parents but nothing about taking care of family.

    Avoid jealousy but nothing about charity or neighborness.

    No mention of any basic Golden Rule or forgiveness or treatment of enemies and friends.

    It’s interesting to see where they were pulled from. I still wonder why they pulled the ones that they did.

    • Here is one correllation that you may not have thought of. Pagans were pretty affluent in the Roman Empire and the Roman Empire incorporated many pagan rituals into the religions of the time. Paganism was constantly used as Rome was an agrarian society in the first place and was til its fall. Pagan rituals are very fluent even in todays rituals carried on by Christians, such as Christmas Trees (pagan celebration), Festival or Food and Drink (pagan celebration) and finally entertainment of Dancers, Concubines, and the like (pagan ritual celebration also).

      So what part of pagan religion combined with Christianity do you not understand. Egyptian religion was all pagan!

      • Oh and I do agree with reading the book. It might help if you did read the Book of the Dead, as there are references all the way through, that the 10 Commandments could have actually come from. I did see a reference to honor of father and mother and protection of family. Read the whole thing instead of skimming through it and taking only what you recognize. Here is the other thing. How they express themselves will not be anywhere near how you express yourself today either.

  13. go and watch the zeitgeist, a doco by a clever American. it explains the facts around egyptian SUN worshiping that we call Christianity, today. Christmas and Easter are ‘change of season’ celebrations. Easter is an equinox celebration and Christmas is all about celebrating the winter solstice. Go and look at your calanders… Easter sunday = the first Sunday that follows the first full moon after the vernal equinox. it is a contrived population control document.
    the basis of Christianity is Astrology… go and research it.

  14. Damion Preston says:

    If we’re criticizing it as not a perfect match, then we must also criticize the scriptural translations from hebrew to english – as in the case of our bible – as there have been proven mistranslations there as well……… just a thought…..

  15. Everyone argues over which made up story is the best…

  16. Suzette Anderson says:


  17. to “Suzette anderson and community” (whomever “communmity” is)

    you can see the egyptian book of the dead, re-worded and turned into english if you read the king james bible 10 commandments.

    The Egyptian book of the dead came several thousand years befor the king james bible was even imagined written.

    Either way, it’s all made up by men who wish to control populations… it’s got nothing to do with any imaginary god or gods you may invent.

  18. Whatever brian— so it’s 9 out of ten, but you can still see where most of them came from…. the whole bible is all a made up story cover to cover. people spend too much time going in circles arguing over which made up story is less un-true. I’ve reached my limit of interest on this subject. there is no difference in believing in many gods as the egyptians did or some religions do now and believing in 1 god as the christians do now… all stories are as implausable as each other and should be taken with a grain of salt and seen as the philosophic fables they are.

    Bilbes are NOT kept in the non-fiction section of libraries.

  19. Atheist 101:

    Take one really big ancient text from one culture or a large number of cultures that existed during or prior to Hebrew or Christian culture.

    Add out of context comparisons that are translated in english but come from completely different original languages that have very different meanings…

    Find loose, general similarities and claim that since this one or that one came before Judaism or Christianity, they must have copied…

    Forget actually doing historical and textual criticism, because that would require more than cutting and pasting ancient texts you don’t understand…

    Then forget thousands of years of solid reasearch, historical criticism, textual criticism, and scholarly work that has established the extreme differences between Hebrew culture and Egyptian culture or any other ancient culture…

    And then claim to have “Proven” that the Old and New Testament are unoriginal…

    Sloppy and unoriginal.

    • hahahahha… you said sloppy and un-original… how ironic… was that to me or were you agreeing with me by saying that the bible is sloppy and un-original?

      Religion apologist 101: step 1:
      take a text, any text wil do as long as it says god is real, ignore sense and reason, logic and thinking and just accept what the guy at the front holding the collection plate says is true without checking it for facts or even allowing it to come under scruitiny.
      stpe 2:
      then with no evidence, facts or anything other than “because i know in my heart..” start waving it about saying it’s the truth and look upon those who don’t with pity….
      step 3:
      gaze at your reflection in the mirror every night with a smug look “knowing” that you’ve been promised eternal happiness if you ad to the collection plate and praise this imaginary friend.
      oh parise be thy flying spaghetti monster..
      just grow up people… use that brain that evolution has provided and think it through… use evidence, logic critical thinking and don’t just accept what you were told as a child…. don’t be a “flat-earther”

      • It is your reply which proves my comment made originally. Your response to my comment showed just how some atheists will believe anything they read on the internet that fuels their arrogant bias towards theism. Instead of studying first sources and providing solid evidence, they watch Zeitgeist and read Atheist web blogs and think that they have absolute proof of how Christianity and Judaism is made up. But if you’re going to enter into a discussion about ancient religions, their differences and similiarities, and the like don’t just act all smug when someone disagrees with you. Provide evidence and “logical critical thinking” and don’t assume that everyone who believes in God blindly believes everything they hear. Actually, many atheists could be accused of doing that. Hmmmm…

        • NotThisAtheist says:

          You must be kidding. Another theist with a penchant for miring the discussion in useless details and foregone conclusions.

          Humans innately have these morals, or we would never have arrived at the point of receiving these miraculous stone tablets of conventional wisdom. The only thing added to these ‘commandments’ that wasn’t already in widespread use were supernatural constructs idiomatic to the professing religion.

          Zero probability that 100,000 years of communal living existed prior to these tablets without the members adhering to the basic principles of conduct therein.

          Do you see that it doesn’t matter from where it was ‘borrowed,’ but only that it is obvious that it was? It’s quite likely that the Book of the Dead, the Codes of Hammurabi and probably early Babylonian texts inspired the Commandments. But, wherever they came from, the core of them were not original nor divine ideas.

  20. Gregory J. Curry says:

    Why don’t you demons just focus on doing the next right thing instead of trying to prove that you are beyond anything more superior than man. In the grand scheme of things you are inferior and always will be.
    One day when you cross over the river of death (and you surely will) your questions will be answered and trust me it’s a lot simpler than you could ever have imagined.

  21. It is quite obvious to any textual scholar that the Judaic and totemic Hebrew people found the YHWH cult from the Midians who were also in Egypt. Egyptian culture has spawned all kinds of ideas used by Judeo-Christian religions. The fact that so many people believe in these myths is what shocks me and scares me when I’m out in public. Knowing that people today still believe in silly superstitious myths about a God that commanded his people “not to kill” but then sent them out to murder and plunder entire nations, burning them and their infant children. The fact that Moses wrote a tale about God murdering all of Egypt’s first born shows the Totemic resentment. Moses basically stole YHWH (one of many deities) and proceeded to write his religion. Thousands of years later Christianity did the same thing with the Mithras/Jesus stories. I just hope one day the human race is intelligent enough and mature enough to stop being so emotionally attached to existence that they have to go as far as making up silly superstitions and then killing each other over them. WAKE UP RELIGIOUS PEOPLE! Progeny is the purpose and the reason. Have children, grand children, etc… Don’t become selfishly attached to life.

    • I think you have it mixed up. The Israelites already had an established religion before they went to egypt, about 400 years worth of religion, in fact. As for borrowing or copying, Egyptian religion and Hebrew religion are vastly different in every conceivable way, especially considering the fact that Egyptians considered Shepherds to be untouchable and therefore kept themselves far removed from Israelites even as they lived close to them. The influence of Egyptian religion was present in Israelite religious practice, but it was resisted strongly by Moses and can be seen in the ten commandments by the command not to have any graven images, since Egypt was heavily saturated with it. Also, Egyptians would have considered Monotheism quite strange, along with a large portion of Hebrew theology. As for Mithraism (which didn’t even have writings till after Christ) and Judaism creating Christianity, the Christian faith was founded on Hebrew theology and expectation of the Messiah, as any Messianic Jew could tell you. As for eugenics, the destruction of civilizations and peoples was initiated because of the pagan influences and evil practices of the nations in Canaan, such as child sacrifices, sexually perverse religious ceremonies, and idolatries that would have destroyed the moral and ethical standards established by the growing people of Israel once they moved into Canaan. These peoples would not have been willing to have the civil discourse we are having currently. And as for silly superstitions, it was one such “superstition” (Christianity) that created and shaped western society in its current form and has created some of the most brilliant and respected ideas ever conceived by humanity. The great mess we see in our culture today is directly connected to our secularization and loss of moral standards as a society (perhaps that’s why we have the second highest divorce rate in the world, next to an even more secular nation). And if you know anything about Christianity, its primary idea is to not be selfishly attached to life, but to use this short life to better all people and love one another. Not a bad principle to base a civilization on, eh?

      • :

        “Egyptians would have considered Monotheism quite strange” –

        1, Egyptians developed monotism (Aten) ->

        The Israelites did not so much believe in 1 God as Aten but believed that their single god was better than all the other gods:

        The Hebrew Bible describes the God of Israel as superior to other gods, commanding the Israelites not to worship other gods, but only the God who brought them out of Egypt (Ex. 20:1-4; Deut. 5:6-7). Through the experience of Babylonian captivity, the Deuteronomists developed the monotheistic concept, and it is revealed in Second Isaiah. The concept of monotheism is expressed in Isaiah 44:06, “I am the first and I am the last; besides me there is no god” and it’s developed in Isaiah 44:09-20, a satire on the making and worship of idols. In it the foolishness of idolaters is elaborated, such as the carpenter who carves an idol and worships it.

        some of the oldest sections represent Yahweh as a member of a larger divine council of which El is the head; by the time of the Torah, written most probably around 700-450 BC, Yahweh reveals himself as the national deity to be worshipped alone, but without excluding the existence of other gods

        2. Christianity versus Pagens versus real nice world

        A unified religion IS a good invention to keep the masses straight from a management perspective. This was true for the Egyptian religion. For Roman Religion. For Chinese Religion. For Indian Religion and so on. Religion and Wars go hand in hand. So it is not so much ‘Christianity’ as it is more “whatever unified religion” is seen as something that works to manage a large group of people (or large groups of large groups of people). You should read Lord of the Flies (

        Whenever you have achieved such a group / group-think it is far easier to regard the outside groups as out groups and start wars against them. So it is not so much that religion causes wars but it is a good tool to manage in-groups and therefore unite them against out-groups.

        Which is not that bad since that was also a realization in ancient Egypt. With the absense of having factual knowledge you could make any story you want as long as it was politically handy to have a specific collection of stories because it unified the theories of all these different groups you had to control. The content did not matter for the ruler.

        It is however science that brings progress not some hocus pocus that side trailed science for the past 3000 years and which does the opposite.

        Europe Example: After the Roman Empire lost it power over Europe wars raged and all the bad things you tell here became reality in the dark ages. That was only countered because England was still untouched by all these wars and had the benefit of being isolated. Science could flourish there. When Charlemagne ( finally got hold over a large piece of Europe the first dark ages could end because he brought standardization. He established a science center and got scientists from England (where they still were) to rebuild society and e.g. develop our Alphabet as we use it until today and the letters you read here now. Have a unified writing system is important to increase knowledge and grow science.

        With that increased science knowledge the old ‘management stories’ c.q. religions with as goal to unite groups of people unfortunately hold to much gaps to have this function any longer.

        However, as we learned from all civilizations, to keep management control over a large set of groups of people a unified religion seems to be functioning very well as one of the tools. So it not so much the use of it as well as the contents that is currently discussed.

        The function of a religion is to unite in-groups against out-groups. What you call “secularization” is only a sign that the current chosen method of unification is no longer that functional while the demand for such unification is still there. Go with the flow.

        3. “its primary idea is to not be selfishly attached to life, but to use this short life to better all people and love one another.”

        You have a different opinion about the primary idea than the pope, did you make this one up yourself or did you research what the principle is ? (logos)

        • You left out the one factor that lead the Europeans out of nearly a thousand years of church induced stagnation, And that was the dicovery of thousands of Muslim scientific texts in the libraries of Spain..with most of them in the library of Cordoba. Those texts were discovered after the Muslims were driven from Spain, the subsequent translations and application triggered the rediscovery of science in Europe and stated the modern age of science. Without those texts, the western world would probably still be stuck in the dark ages.

  22. One interesting thing to add is the ISIS / Maria comparison, see Google.

  23. […] The 10 commandments are a copy from chapter 125 in the Egyptian book of the dead | Edward de Leau // # Ever wondered where the 10 commandments came from? It has been discovered that the 10 commandments are based on chapter 125 in the Egyptian […]

  24. Quite honestly, just because it isn’t an exact match doesn’t mean that The ten Commandments ISNT or IS derived from the Egyptian version. It could or it could not have. Weather it was or was not was most likely lost in one of our many dark ages. Oh, and shane, or shano, or Shaney, we realize that you find the bible to be a bunch of hog-wash, but the fact that you’re atheist, is quite irrelevant. It doesn’t matter that you find this to be a bunch of gibberish, because educated people from all backrounds use religious texts to prove a point. Please, I do not abmonish you for your faith or lack there of… Just keep to the topic, because you created a lot of confusion for me… Keep it relevant. Don’t Be redundant, please.

    • Many historical sources establish the origin of the Book of the Dead as somewhat later than the the Ten Commandments. And what of it? The Book of the Dead states just 4 universal moral tenets while elaborating upon a universally mocked religion based upon a concoction of human/animal traits. Yes, it is interesting but quite foolish. They — the Egyptian leaders — were all about power, not terribly unlike today’s religions, where the Pharaoh and priesthood established and maintained control of the people all for the sake personal aggrandizement.

      • Interestingly though – as many historical sources say so, even Moses, as it is written, was educated in the ways of the Egytians, and when he and his people left Egypt, they never returned, so for both parties to have those scripts, one has to get them from the other – and since Moses and the IS(is) RA EL-ites never returned, one can now – as one would say, “Do the math”

  25. Robert Clamp says:

    Just a little comment. I will not put down any comments, I will not take sides. If the 10 commandments is a rip off of the book of the dead, it doesn’t matter. Religion can be summed up in 2 basic rules: Love thy neighbor, and have no other god.

    If everyone followed those rules, the world would not be in such a mess. Remember everyone:

    Basic Information Before Life Ends.

  26. Shameer Khan says:

    is this discussion still on? whould like to discuss it.
    but i am not a christion nor Jew, was born Muslim.
    I had similar thought like these arround few years back. its still there.

  27. Robert Clamp says:

    I am not affiliated with any organized religion. I believe in god, but if any one wants to discuss anything, I am fine with it.

    Also, for those who argue, or follow blindly, because it is not what you were taught, start thinking for yourself. If you go back to the original “BIBLE” it was probabally not written in your own language. It would have been translated for you to read. The translations are not exact, due to different words having different meanings in different languages. This would be no different in someone translating the book of the dead, and converting it to the 10 commandments.

    I am always open for smart conversation, as long as no one tries to force their beliefs, but enforces their own point of view. If there is no bashing of faiths, I am willing to discuss the issue.

  28. […] The 42 Commandments of Ancient Egypt That Preceded Our 10 Commandments | I AM Spirituality The 10 commandments are a copy from chapter 125 in the Egyptian book of the dead*|*Edward de Leau Maat – Wikipedia, the free […]

  29. […] Now – see if you can find any precursor to the Ten Commandments. It's not that difficult.. The 10 commandments are a copy from chapter 125 in the Egyptian book of the dead*|*Edward de Leau […]

  30. Hi,
    The book titled “The Bible Unearthed”, by Israel Finkelstein and Neil Silberman is a must read for anyone discussing the Old Testament.

    These two gentlemen are among the worlds recognized experts in mid-eastern archeology and national movements, as well as writings of the era. Any discussion of this topic is worthless without understanding of their work.

    Both were retired from the their Israeli government positions after the book was published, though the Israeli government made no effort to question their facts.

    What kind of things did they bring to light? There was no Exodus from Egypt … archeology proves the contrary! Moses never existed and the persona is a total fabrication. There is no evidence of Jewish presence at Mt Sinia/Horeb, though the archeological trail in the area is quite clear and complete. The Read Sea did not part with the loss of the Egyptian army. The pestilence not only did not come, but the period in question, was among the most productive in Egyptian agriculture. And the first born males survived to do quite well. The Old Testament was composed at the order of a Jewish king who wanted to unite the Judeans and the Israelites, so he could take on the Assyrians. “Moses” had nothing to do with writing it. And, yes, the Ten Commandments appear to have come from the Book of the Dead, not from the top of Mt. Sinai.

    Are Finkelstein and Silberman correct? Perhaps the best answer lies in the fact that Israel has not “denied” the book, but gone to great length to “burry” it in the dust heaps of our libraries.


    Tib Csabai

  31. Great article! Great commentaries. Respect for all the inspiration and knowledge.

  32. Upon closer examination of what we conceder worship of many Gods might actually be a misinterpretation of their expressions. Further more one might look upon Christianity as worshiping more than one God in the sense that Jesus represents God and is said by Christians to be the living God when Jesus himself actually stated any one of you could be like me. Further more, perhaps what we have interpreted and multiple gods may only be either what we call angels or perhaps even a simple means of explaining spiritual phenomena in relation to mans understanding of the world.
    Most important and lost it seems in the bible although the Kabballa and the representation of Solomon’s Temple do briefly explain the root of 2 or the two truths Right & Wrong, good & ill, Positive & negative so on so forth. All real things have opposites. Despite the best efforts of the skeptic to see past what is most likely a misunderstanding I feel society would be better of if we were to fallow in the idyllic spiritual footsteps of Ancient Egyptian culture. Further More Moses was raised by the Pharaohs 40 years of his life and only fled to save his own skin after killing a man. So clearly Ancient Egyptian spiritual wisdom is the very root of all western spiritual wisdom be it Jewish, Christian, Freemasonry or I would even go as far as to say Muslim unless there is something I fail to understand about Mohammad Islam.

  33. […] The 10 commandments are a copy from chapter 125 in the Egyptian book of the dead | Edward de Leau Ever wondered where the 10 commandments came from? It has been discovered that the 10 commandments are based on chapter 125 in the Egyptian book of the dead (Although Exodus 34 contains ten imperative statements, the passages in Exodus 20 and Deuteronomy 5 contain more than ten, totaling fourteen or fifteen in all.) In that chapter the dead person has to appear before 42 judges and has to answer 42 questions.“Hail to thee, great God, Lord of the Two Truths. I have come unto thee, my Lord, that thou mayest bring me to see thy beauty. I know thee, I know thy name, I know the names of the 42 Gods who are with thee in this broad hall of the Two Truths . . . Behold, I am come unto thee. I have brought thee truth; I have done away with sin for thee. I have not sinned against anyone. I have not mistreated people. I have not done evil instead of righteousness . . . I have not reviled the God. I have not laid violent hands on an orphan. I have not done what the God abominates . . . I have not killed; I have not turned anyone over to a killer. I have not caused anyone’s suffering . . . I have not copulated (illicitly); I have not been unchaste. I have not increased nor diminished the measure, I have not diminished the palm; I have not encroached upon the fields. I have not added to the balance weights; I have not tempered with the plumb bob of the balance. I have not taken milk from a child’s mouth; I have not driven small cattle from their herbage… I have not stopped (the flow of) water in its seasons; I have not built a dam against flowing water. I have not quenched a fire in its time . . . I have not kept cattle away from the God’s property. I have not blocked the God at his processions. “ […]

  34. […] The Hebrew version (10 commandments) originates also IN Egypt (1490 BCE Hebrew exodus from Egypt).…-20070513.html so the commands are manmade and you need them…?!?!? Atheists who claim to be as moral […]

  35. One more fact:

    The 10 commandments belong to NOBODY. They were in effects long before Egypt, or Israel, ever existed. The Sabbath was created the day after Adam was, and all the other commandments can be found mentioned throughout Genesis, many before the flood. Or does anyone think it was alright to kill before Moses? Moses codified what should have already been common sense.

    • This is where I have to reply. If you stop and think about it, The “Old Testament” is pretty much literally the Egyptian history as they saw it. The “New Testament” is pretty much literally the Roman Empire accounts of history in Europe, as very few, if any, events have anything to do with the African continent. Both Empires were technically pagan based ideologies. Christianity did not even rear its head until after 33 A.D. and pagan heritage had extended to 25,000 B.C.

      Christianity really did not take a strong foothold until after the Conference of Nicean in 325. From that time on Christianity and Jews were both persecuted from 64 B.C. with the direct taxation of Jews by the Roman Empire up to and through the point of the Crusades, and non-believing Christians and pagans were slaughtered, jailed, or burned at the stake for not converting back to the rule of the Catholic “Holy See”, which was established around 30 B.C. right along with Constantinople, Athens, and Antioch “See”‘s. The Crusades operated all the way through England, Ireland and Scotland, and effectively established the Catholic Religion and politics in those regions until the time of King James and his asking for an annulment in order to get a male heir to the Throne.

      Since the Pope denied King James his annulment, he broke away from the Catholic Empire and effectively established the Church of England during his reign and rewrote the Bible and tacked his name to it. From the original version of the Bible, King James in all actuality changed the Bible to install himself as the God of that Bible. Meanwhile the pagans went totally underground during Pope Innocent III reign and did not resurface until after entering into the 1900’s.

      In all reality all religions have paganism as its base fundamental origin, and remnants of that ideology still exist today within all other Religions. Christianity and Catholicism use idolatry in all of its rituals performed, but the Catholics tend to portray the idolatry out in the open with its patron Saints and statues strung out all over the world.

      Politics and finance was created by the Catholic Empire prior to the celebrated Birth of the Christ (christos) and that system has remained and flourished to the present, from that time, with established Central Banks and religious control of the politicians. The Catholic Empire was responsible for the failure of the Greek and Roman Republic forms of government.

      • Most western bibles hail from decisions made by the Council of Nicaea, which was tasked with deciding which ‘books’ from approximately 150+ should be included in the original text of the Bible and whether Jesus of Narazerath was divine. There are several versions of the bible but the King James version was an edit of the Roman Catholic Bible of that time. King James ordered several books, chapters and verses to be removed and some rewritten. However, he did not found the Church of England, that happened during the reign of Henry VIII more than 56 years earlier.

        Henry VIII broke with the Roman Catholic Church and established the Church of England because he wanted an annulment of his marriage to Catherine of Aragon – Mother of Queen Mary I – to marry Anne Boleyn – Mother of Queen Elizabeth I – His male heir came from wife no.3 – Boleyn’s second cousin – Jane Seymour.

        James I of England (VI of Scotland) was the commissioner of the King James bible (400th anniversary this year). He was Henry VIII great great nephew, great grandchild of Henry’s eldest sister Margaret who married the James IV of Scotland and was mother of James V who was father of Mary, Queen of Scots – James I ( Scotland VI) mother. He had to agree to renounce his Catholic religion to take the English throne, which he willing did because Elizabeth I, after 45 years on the throne, had left England a very wealthy country.

  36. lovelyone jones says:

    If God is Intangible(can’t see, feel or touch) how could so call God have related anything in the Bible to Man?

    • Unfortunately, the creationists support the Big Bang Theory, although they deny that statement. Creationists believe when man was created that he spoke a language and recorded his deeds from day 1. If man could speak a language and record that language from day 1, why is there Hieroglyphics and paintings on the walls of caves that date back 25,000 or more years before the Civilization of Egypt ever occurred? Why is there not any written testimony anywhere to be found until the formation of the Roman Empire and dated to such an era?

      It is being found that direct evolution from apes may not have occurred essentially but possibly the DNA of those apes were manipulated by a higher Supreme being, maybe not of this world. So Adam and Eve could be true or it could be a hoax. Nobody knows for a fact and the only recording is from the Bible, and Its STORY it tells. Why are the Egyptian hieroglyphs pictured as something other than a true human form in all essence? If these recordings are true and seems to be added to the monuments in Egypt, then who was it that visited, and is that the God we are all looking for?

  37. […] not kept cattle away from the God’s property. I have not blocked the God at his processions…-20070513.html These are the things that not did come from the secular or Godless mind but are written in […]

  38. You know what the real problem is… people, they all want to believe THEIR religion is true, and don’t want to hear that it’s an accumulation of ideas gone before, and they’ll try anything to convince you they are right.

    So for a moment, forget your faith, and look at simple logic and reason, and dare I say it… experience.

    An example; How many times do you quote CNN when retelling someone a story, then when this story is passed along how many times are changes made. Why would you not rationalize that the same happened in 4000bc?

    Another: lets look at Issac Newton, who said he saw so far, because he had stood on the shoulders of giants ( ie what he learned and added, had been a summation of previous knowledge.)

    Another: lets look at Medicine, really all modern day medicine is derived from plants, as there is not one drug that has be totally ‘created’, they are synthesized from nature. And that good as now we live longer, as we have synthesized more and more. And you can be sure that future drugs will also follow this route.

    Now lets also think, that every religion has taken from every other, the similarities are well just too similar. And its human nature to build on what exists.

    Another important converse example: You don’t see any religions out that say, slaughter everyone out there, grab what you can, cheat every person that you come across, and generally shaft anyone given the chance, only then you’ll get in heaven.

    So in summary, whatever faith you belong to, you have to realize its a summation, with personal amendments (after all being the one god, has got to be better than splitting it with 41 others, right?) of everything that has gone before it.

    That may disillusion you, but in many ways the whole philosophy of the summation of knowledge (be it, science, medicine, religion) and understanding is the only reason you are here today.

    That truly is the Zeitgeist. Because like our communal history, we all have more in common than not, be it religion, skin colour, DNA, or personal goals, so can we now please all just get along.

    • Jordon Maxwell said it best just two weeks ago and stated that when people go back to the Old Way as it is stated in the Bible, then that people will realize their inheritance to this Kingdom that was left for them. Until we can get to the point of going back to the Old Way, then humanity can not ever save itself from any consequence.

  39. When Christ died where do you think he went??? To the Underworld to defeat it. Before Christ all men righteous or unrighteous when to Sheol the underworld. The Egyptians spent all their time trying to navigate the underworld to to resurrect themselves in the heavens. Egyptian Spell number 125 is just a plea of innocence because no man found of sin could pass the underworld. the only way to the underworld was through the flesh…this is why CHRIST DIED for you…To break open a gate. Revelation 1:18 I am he that liveth, and was dead; and, behold, I am alive for evermore, Amen; and have the keys of hell and of death.

    • 1. You are again in the mindset of sacrifice, the belief we had during the stone ages: something has to be sacrificed. In this case: you sacrifice a God and gain superpowers: immortality. “eat my flesh drink my blood” (in the past they did this literally e.g. the older Egyptians and about all humanity). Believe me : you don’t need to sacrifice people or virtual people to get superpowers.

      If you travel to the remote parts in this world where still tribes live not much touched by the modern world you will see exact the same: they eat flesh and drink blood and in many cases humans to gain their powers or gain special powers.

      Believe me …. these people do not gain special powers by eating people e.g. yourself when you would visit there as a tourist. Still they believe this and its pretty hard to convince them not to eat you at that stage as it is hard for me to convince you. But luckily most of the believers have not fallen back to actually eating people again but still stick to the virtual eating and sacrificing gods e.g. osiris or jesus or one of many other examples.

      It’s a stone ages remnant.

      2. However… all is not lost for “living eternally” because if we can break the hayflick limit ( we ALL will live forever until eternity. So if you are looking for eternal living: look at scientific progress on this to check if you will make this before you die because you will be one of the last ones to die.

      3. And “technically” : for you to live forever leaving your body behind you would need something that is now with you that is of a special matter or non matter with mysterious properties e.g. a soul or a mind. Technically that is called “dualism”: . And basically we have largely disproven that this exists. So … even indirectly: If I model your brain into a robot it proves that there is nothing of you that is “mysterious matter” : you are you and you are matter. you are your brain. But basically dive into to further study this aspect to see how “weird” the things are that you write here. There is nothing into yourself that is “mysterious”. We are on the verge of completely understanding the brain: your self consciousness, your emotions, your behaviour. We can model you, put you in a computer to bluntly put it. So there is nothing mysterious that even needs to be there. And certainly not even larger: that this mysterious something then goes to an even more mysterious place to live forever because a God sacrificed himself to make this possible…. based on ancient logic about how humans work with many management summaries and now .. basically … a story so weird that I myself can’t even understand that people will go for these stories in the light of what we know now.

  40. […] (From “The 10 Commandments are a copy from chapter 125 of the Egyptian book of the dead) […]

  41. E.H. Munro says:

    I’m glad to see the new atheist crowd finally catching up to medieval Christianity, philosophically speaking. Maybe one day you guys can actually catch up to the 20th century? Hint, Duns Scotus’ expositions on the commandments break them down into those that are absolutely good (and therefore universal to *all* cultures) and those that are only good because they are commanded by God, the first four commandments, which are value neutral (that is there’s nothing either good or bad about keeping the sabbath holy *except* that it’s commanded). Hence centuries ago Christians would have stared at you like you were an idiot for just now understanding that six of the ten commandments were universal. And they’d be right.

  42. Okay for one if something was written a thousand years before its obvious who copied who.

    Two yes maybe there was forty two Gods but there is one primary God for every Aeon and they have their set of rules, but that don’t mean there isn’t other Gods or Goddesses who rule over different things.

    Three none of the commandments matter anyway because Hours is the God of this Aeon, and he says , “Do what Thou wilt BE THE WHOLE OF THE LAW” . If you read “Liber Vel Legis” we see that none of this crap even matters in the Aeon of Horus.

    Love under Law, Law under Will

    P.S some people really do need to read this entirely before commenting it makes you look stupid when you “try” to call some one out for not saying something, but if you took the time to read you would see they did mention the thing your trying to complain about.

    P.P.S loved this article by the way me and my dad were discussing this if anyone wants to have an intelligent conversation about this or about Jesus in reference to Quabbala or anything occult related please get in touch I’m always open to new opinions.

  43. jew lies.


  44. “The single fact that we owe not one single truth, not one idea in philosophy or religion to the Semitic race is, of itself, ample reward for years of study, and it is a fact indisputable, if I read the Veda and Zend Avesta alright.” Albert Pike

    Egyptian book of dead, also Papyrus of Agni. Agni-Ani was vedic god-english word ignite. Etruscans have god Ani. Vedic teachings spread into Egypt after flood in Bharat. Story of biblical flood is identical with vedic flood just Manu changed for Noah. Manu- word man,mann- became Menes in Egypt and Minos on Crete. Vatican stands on ruins of vedic temple. See Stephen Knapp web. Word jew does not exist in bible, it was invented in 18-19th century. There was no judaism in times of Jesus:saducees, zealots, essene-gnostics, and pharisees- from pharsi-parsi=persians. Phariseeeism became rabinism and rabinism became judaism in 3rd century AD. Jesus was essene and they practiced Chaldean numerology later known as kabalah which originate in vedas.
    Biological descendants of biblical jews are palestinians.
    Christianity was not satisfied with redefining God from thorah. Having received a rather cold reception from the established hierarchy of the Jewish faith, early Christians went out of their way to differentiate Christianity from Judaism. These changes centered mostly around Christian rituals and stories. Yet Christians did not feel right simply making up new rituals and stories. After all, one of the main ways religions gain credibility is by being ancient. Instead of coming up with new ideas, rituals, and stories, Christians adapted existing ones to suit their own needs.
    We’ve already seen how the myth of Horus was adapted to provide a biography for Jesus, but Christians borrowed other components from other religions. They borrowed extensively from the Cult of Mithras, a religion that focused on the battle between light and darkness, good and evil. Followers of Mithras celebrated the birth of their god on December 25th. They held Sunday as their most sacred day, and, most telling, they symbolically ate the flesh of their savior and symbolically drank his blood on their holy days.
    They borrowed the notion of the happy afterlife from the Eleusinian mysteries as well as the Cult of Hercules and, most notably, Zoroastrianism, from which they also borrowed the notion of the savior’s second coming and mass resurrection of the faithful. Christians borrowed the concept of the holy mother from vedic Tara which devoloped to the Cult of Isis, (Istar, Ostara) who was the mother of Horus.
    This practice did not end when the Church reached its position of supremacy in the west. Church fathers found it much easier to redefine pagan traditions than to destroy them. If a local hero had a cult dedicated to him, the Church would recruit that hero and call him a saint. When the Church couldn’t get Romans to stop celebrating the winter solstice, they decided that the Saturnalia was in fact Jesus’ birthday. When the Church couldn’t get rid of a pagan fertility holiday, they just renamed it Easter and told people they were celebrating Jesus’ death and resurrection (though they never did manage to get rid of all the eggs and bunnies).

    “Access to the Vedas is the greatest privilege this century may claim over all previous centuries.” J. Robert Oppenheimer
    “Many of the advances in the sciences that we consider today to have been made in Europe were in fact made in India centuries ago.” Grant Duff
    We ignore what the American Historian Will Durant said:
    “ India was the motherland of our race and Sanskrit the mother of Europe’s languages. India was the mother of our philosophy, of much of our mathematics, of the ideals embodied in Christianity… of self-government and democracy. In many ways, Mother India is the mother of us all.”

    Most of us are not even aware of the historical facts which the famous French philosopher and writer Voltaire knew when he wrote:
    “It is very important to note that some 2,500 years ago at the least Pythagoras went from Samos to the Ganges to learn geometry…But he would certainly not have undertaken such a strange journey had the reputation of the Brahmins’ science not been long established in Europe.”

    Mr. W.D. Brown, the British philosopher, admits in his Superiority of the Vedic Religion as under :
    “Vedic religion recognises but one God. It is a thoroughly scientific religion, where religion and science meet hand in hand. Here theology is based on science and philosophy.”

    Jesus itself was member of sect Nazorean Essenes in Qumran. City Nazareth never existed it is corrupted word from Nazorean. See more google: Bible unearthed

    Also google: Chaldean oracles, chaldean numerology, chaldean mysteries, chaldean astronomy. Hebrew alphabet is chaldean, language is dialect of Akkadian, and originate in star of david which is vedic and chaldean symbol. See book: Buddha messiahs yeshu essene jesus.

    Good bless Ya all

  45. Egyptian religion/ christianity= same story, different characters. Most contemporary religious fanatics never actually open their minds and accept the root of all ignorance. In order to understand now, one must attack the origins of religion. Think outside the box and not be afraid of the truth. . . Lets take notable characters in ancient time:

    Horus: Egypt 3000 BC
    Attis: Greece 1200 BC
    Mithra: Persia 1200 BC
    Joseph: Old Testament
    Jesus: New Testament

    Key Documented Facts:
    Born on Dec 25 (all)
    Born of a virgin (all)
    Adored by 3 kings (Horus/Joseph/Jesus)
    12 disciples/brothers (Horus/Jesus/Joseph)
    Performed Miracles (all)
    The light (all)
    crucified (some)
    Dead for 3 days (all)
    Resurrected (all)

    The most notable stories are between Horus and Jesus: almost identical!!

    The Christian religion is a parody on the worship of the sun, In which they put a man called Christ in the place of the sun, and pay him the adoration originally payed to the sun.

    Truth is in the documents. Do your research, learn, expand your mind, understand ignorance. . . it is the key to overcoming self and finding true spirituality.

    Truth is, what I have written is written in clear evidence, course the closed minded religious fanatic probably won’t go to the extent of educating themselves. Sad world we live in. . . Religion is the demise of mankind. One soul, one race, one totality.

  46. 145cassandra says:

    who cares who God gave the rules of living in a decent manner first? i don’t see any discussion or any true exchange of ideas here. just a bunch of self righteous people trying to score points against each other. instead of endless mental masturbation, how about practicing charity, love and respect for one another. practice agape- i word i stole from the greeks

  47. You’re joking, right? The two texts aren’t even close. Not only are there lots of rules here that are not in Moses, but where is the command to honor parents? Where is the command to obey the Sabbath? Where is the command against idols? Where is the command against misuing the name of God? Where is the command against coveting? It looks like you’ve got about a 50% similarity on extremely common stuff like don’t murder (virtually every culture has that ban), on sexual restrictions (very common), commitment to the culture’s God (also common), and no deception (also common… though really not the same as the ten commandments, which is specifically against false testimony in court).

  48. […] called the Book of Dead. The proper name of the work is "Coming Forth by Day." Here. The 10 commandments are a copy from chapter 125 in the Egyptian book of the dead Also here is the entire work.…kofthedead.pdf […]

  49. I agree with you, particularly on “not to cause pain”, this is one of the most important point in the Buddhism. I am a buddhist, born as catholic I changed my spiritual philosophy because I realized that the christian religion is confused, untrue and pagan. Egypt was a great culture, sophisticated and charming. I suppose there were two great cultures from which we learned: India and Egypt. China and Japan are a part.

  50. I’m amazed how people and history demolished and ignore a 1400 years old of a religion called Islam and there book called The Holy Quran, I urge you to read and study it, it ends all your questions and doubts, I hope all of you will get what your looking for.

    • Yahan Seberson says:

      their, there, they’re – Try to get an education before you attempt to stick your bull$hit on anyone.

  51. “..religion was created when the first CONMAN met the first FOOL..” MARK TWAIN .

  52. […] written by Moses. The Law of Moses also has many strong parallels to that of Chapter 125 of the Book of the Dead, where it states the dead must face 42 judges and must answer 42 […]

  53. […] have been available to Moses during his time in Egypt, seems to have provided some inspiration. The Egyptian Book of the Dead reads like the 10 Commandments written in the Negative Confession. Some examples […]