The Geologic Time Scale is mind boggling

I stumbled on this smart drawing showing our shared history (it’s from the Wikimedia). By using a shape like this it makes it somewhat clearer how the different periods relate.

When I was in school (a LONG time ago) I learned about these periods but somehow I forgot most of it during the years. Therefore I am grateful that we have Wikepedia nowadays which shows everything I want to know again about the Geologic Timescale.

If I look at the past 4.5 billions years of our planet it still amazes me what has happened during these years. The most amazing is the tiny little last tidbit in which we, humans, actually play a part. There are so many thoughts coming up that it’s probably food for millions of years to blog onwards :) I wonder if we are the first wave of self-conscious intelligent creatures and that we are followed in the millions of years to come by other creatures even more evolved in this aspect.

The drawing on the left shows the same 4.5 billion years, transformed in a 24 hour clock. The Quaternary period is the last 17 seconds or the last 2 millions years. Within this last part we arose about 60.000 years ago. Which means that if we see the history of earth as 24 hours we only appear in less than the last second.

If we then look at the things we remember in our cultures, let’s say the last 4000 years, it means absolutely nothing. You wouldn’t even notice it if you were watching earth.

Then again, if you look at the history of our Universe, the same goes for the history of our planet.

It makes we wonder why some humans think that they are special in any way.

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  1. this ist what i want to know i actually want to see the hours

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