The quest for an affordable Pilot Briefcase / Wheeled Laptop Case Part 2

Since my last quest posting I have decided I want the “U.S. Luggage Business Cases Nappa Leather Rolling Catalog-Computer Case D978-4 Black”. It seems to be exactly what I want. It’s in my mind so I want it!

However: 1) Amazon does not ship to Europe (via Luggage Guru) 2) Ebags does not ship to Europe 3) the briefcase superstore does not ship to Europe 4) cannot accept international orderss 5) 6pm does not ship to Europe 6) Irvs Luggage Warehouse “Unfortunately, Irv’s Luggage no longer ships internationally. ” 7) csnstores idem 8) does not currently ship orders outside of the United States

9) LuggageOnline however… does seem to ship overseas, so I put my bag in the shopping card, try to checkout via PayPal and then get this screen: uh… sigh… Crazy isn’t when you are a quest and then there all these little things popping up trying to prevent you from finishing your quest. I try to reload, enter my paypal data and then get “Deze ontvanger accepteert geen betalingen van niet-Amerikaanse PayPal-rekeningen.” …. (this shop does not accept non-American payments) *ARGH* So I go the normal slow checkout and…the new customer registration only allows US postal codes. Ok… thank your for wasting my time, bye forever.

10) On with the quest, Mercantila only ships to 48 states 11) …

Maybe it’s intesting to put a little background on U.S Luggage/SOLO while we are searching (intermezzo):

For almost 90 years, U.S. Luggage has developed and marketed innovative, high-quality products that respond to the changing needs of the American consumer.

No surprise that it was U.S. Luggage that literally revolutionized the luggage industry when, in 1972, it introduced the very first wheeled luggage. Not resting on its luggage laurels, U.S. Luggage also developed into one of the largest leather case companies in the country, known for quality, excellent value, patented design features, and trend-setting approaches to product marketing.

Ok…there we go 11) yfsstudio only ships to US 12) Staples only delivers in the US 13) 1-800 Luggage hmm… I read that I should call them for International shipping. Let’s do that tomorrow.

On a parallel path… On the SOLO website I can’t find the D978…which is strange, let’s try to e-mail to find out if they have a distributer in Europe…the link on the website for “international online retailers” is dead:

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