14 thoughts on “WordPress 2.3 / 2.8 compatible WordPress – Del.icio.us Daily Synchronization script

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  3. Hi, just wanted to say that was an interesting read. Great post!

  4. Thanks for this script! I noticed that it publishes private bookmarks as well as shared ones though. I made a little modification to filter these out, and I thought your readers might be interested.

    Immediately after the line “foreach (@posts) {” place the following:
    if ($_->shared()){

    Then add a brace “}” before the line “my $taglistitem;”

    No more private bookmarks now.

    Thanks again!!

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  6. Do you have any plans go make this into a wordpress plugin?
    Thank you

    Jason Benways last blog post..Another way to save at the pump?

  7. Jason, I think a WordPress Plugin that does this already exists. I forgot the exact name but it should be somewhere in the WordPress plugins directory.

  8. Thanks, I think I found a way to have delicious post the daily links to my wordpress site.
    without using a plugin.

  9. i am trying to find a wp plugin that posts delicious bookmarks on a weekly basis. would this do the trick?

  10. How would I modify this to run hourly and not repost links it already posted that day?

  11. uhm… the cron part is obvious but the selecting of hours in the received data probably not.

    the only thing to change for hours would the call to Net::Delicious ():

    my @posts = $del->posts( { dt => $time_gmt_day } );

    i havent checked if the delicious perl lib offers a return by hour.

  12. [...] script was later on modified by Edward de Leau to be compatible with wordpress [...]

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