Zucht… why … almost…nobody deletes a WIKI

Yesterday on the marriage party of Patrick and Katja (again congrats!) i told ms. seven about the question why nobody ever deletes a WIki…oke…thats something i shouldnt have said…

Date: Fri, 29 Oct 2004 17:48:36 +0200
Subject: deleten wiki
ik heb de evil-deed gedaan, ik was er erg blij mee en voelde me erg
stout, ware het niet dat de f*%^$-ers na een minuutje of wat daarna
meteen weer hun eigen pagina’tje er overheen zetten (er valt dus niks te
deleten!!)… zo klopt er natuurlijk niks van! “nobody deletes” moet
zijn “everybody deletes” maar we doen net alsof dat niet zo is… losers!!


( i did the evil deed, i was very happy and felt very bad but the f*%^$-ers put their page over it again after a minute (there’s nothing to delete)…this is crap! “nobody deletes” must be “everybody deletes”, but we just act as if it’s not so…losers!!)